Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing EDITED

Got nothing.  Blah...... Bored in work......I think I'll play some online poker tonight though so maybe I'll have something for you tomorrow.

Update (like 10 minutes later) Even though I'm blah, I do have a busy week coming up. 

Wed night - drinks out with the girls....home by 10pm at the latest so I can play The Mookie while buzzed.  I officially apologize now for the offensive things I will be saying Wed night.

Thursday night - One of the old time architects is hosting a get together at his house.  His house is right on the ocean in Gloucester.  It is the coolest most ultra modern structures I have ever been in and it' stocked with amazing art.  I don't have a picture, but the photos below were taken from his porch.

Then Friday morning we leave for a weekend in North Conway New Hampshire.  There, the week doesn't sound as blah as I do, does it?

Play smart.



Wolfshead said...

Love North Conway even if it did seem to be the time share capital of the world when I was there not to mention the other horror story associated with it.

Josie said...

Yeah it is, but it's still a pretty area. Couple that with outlet shopping and it'll be good.

lightning36 said...

Off day for you? You may be suffering from the Lightning Curse!

Josie said...

It was you!! Well take the curse off cuz it's working. No cashing last night. :( Boo!