Friday, July 2, 2010

Waffles and Booze, what a combo!

Waffles and I met up for drinks after work last night and it was alot of fun!  I thought it might've been a little awkward or we'd run out of conversation but that wasn't the case.  I think I was expecting to meet a moody, angry, maniac but I'm blowing his cover because he was the polar opposite.

He was nice, sweet, friendly, open and talked nonstop! And he bought me drinks!  Heh.

My drink of choice for the night was a kamikaze.  Yum, but a little strong.  You can get it as a shot or a drink.  They are very small - the only difference between the shot and the drink is they add ice to the drink so you can't shoot it back.  So the first one is small and on the rocks.

First drink was this size

Then Waffles goes to the bar to get us another round and comes back with a beer for himself and a PINT GLASS of Kamikaze for me.  I shiat you not!  I was like "Dude, didja get me a triple?"  He says he didn't but I dunno.... Not to worry - none of it was wasted.  :)

Size of drink #2 (except it wasn't blue)

You really don't want me having more than a drink or two, because I tend to hit whoever I'm chatting with.  Just ask Jew Boy.  So when Waffles started telling me about my poker game, the smacks started flying.  And he didn't even mind!  I made an effort to stop smacking him after the 4th time though.  Yes, I am just that sweet.

Anyway, I am alive! No need to call the cops.

Suited Aces left this comment:
Here's a challenge since there are at least 3 of us with the book:

Starting tonight at 18:45 for $5.50on FT is a small tourney. The first one to win $33.00 can enter that event etcetera. Follow my blog

Please elaborate Aces!!  What kind of tourney is it?  Why do you have to win $33 to enter the event?  I'm interested but want to understand the situation please.  Otherwise I'll smack you!!  (jk, kinda lol)

Play smart.



suitedaces said...

It's only $5.50 to enter the tourney. It is Stud/8 only. I was only suggesting that if a few of us won $30 in prize money over a few weeks, we could then enter the $33 tournament as a final round to prove who is best at stud/8.

Riggstad said...

yeah because a couple of results in a few tournaments will determine who the best is in stud/8.


Josie, that drink looks like a kamikaze with blue curaco, which would make it a Windex

You should be able to pound like 30 of those shots!

Wolfshead said...

When is it? I'm always up for a game of stud/8

Josie said...

LOL Riggs!

I've never heard of a windex (which doesn't sound appetizing btw).

30? You don't wanna see me after 3 - lucky for waffles I stopped after 2.

Wolfie - i'm totally in....prolly can't till Monday night tho.

The Neophyte said...

Actually the drink looks like this one I used to pound down back in College Station Texas called a Rebel Rouser. A few of those on Friday night then playing golf hungover in 105 degrees the next day. Fun times indeed.