Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stud/8 Anyone? UPDATED

I'm playing the Stud8h/l tourney that Suited Aces was taking about.  It starts at 18:45 Eastern Time = 6:45pm. ON FULL TILT!

This'll be my first stud tourney so I'll be no competition.....who's gonna play too?  Wolfie?  Suited Aces?  How bout you Neo Baby?

It's tourney 170191617 or just find me, veryjosie.  I'm registered!

And I'm out!  Out 26th, not in the money.  97 players with 12 ITM.

It was one hand that pretty much did me in.  After playing for a couple of hours the betting was huge.  I caught a boat but my opponent had a larger boat.  It was a huge pot and it left me short stacked. The wheels came off after that.

It was alot of fun and I'll probably play it again.  Tournament play appeals to me so much more than cash.

Play smart!



Memphis MOJO said...

Is that on Poker Stars? I'll see you there, then.

(just kidding, I found it on FT).

Josie said...

LOL I forgot to mention it was on Full Tilt.

suitedaces said...

Barely made the money. When I am more familiar with Todd's Concepts, this game will be a bankroll builder.

KenP said...

I almost never play evenings. They get past my bedtime. Yes, I'm a wild and crazy guy.

There's a cheap one early in the day on UB that I often play. T S8b gets interesting later.

I'd ship you a few bucks there to play it but you'd be at work. I guess you could play but then they'd hear you moaning, cussing and throwing the mouse. If that wouldn't be considered different, let me know an ID. It does play on Saturdays. It starts a little before 9 A.M. You can click through on the rakeback on my site to get rake. LOL

Josie said...

@Suit, congrats on cashing!! Sounds like it's already a bankroll builder - i just couldn't hold on.

@Ken, I don't have an account at UB, but I DO have fridays off, heh.