Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I'm At Your Table....FOLD

I played The Mookie last night.  22 players.  I was defending my title as I won The Mook last week.  It was the usual players.....Joanne, Buddy, Maggie, HeffMike, PinkyStinky, A Turtle, A Goat and A Pancake....I mean Waffles.

So earlier in the day Waffles sends me a message saying he's going to knock me out of The Mookie.  Go ahead and laugh, I'll wait.  Can you believe that?  So of course I capitalize on the situation and throw out a last longer bet.  It was $5 to whomever lasted longer.

Waffles was at the bottom of the pack for most of the tourney but he hung on to make 5th place (3 places in the money).

Pretty much Maggie (Lucko's sister) was the chip leader for the whole game and I maintained 2nd for most of the game.  At one point she had like 30k to my 10k (I was in 2nd0 and everyone at the table said let's give up, she's got this won.  But she didn't.  Someone took her out.  Someone Italian.  ;)

Down to Maggie, me and "Fucking Joel I'm a Poker God" (nice fucking name dude...overcompensate much?)  Yes I am still a wee bit bitter, but I digress.

I am playing awesome short table poker and Maggie and I are virtually even and Joel is the short stack.  I have QQ.  She raises, I reraise and she calls.  Flop is Jxx.  She bets and she seems to be overvaluing her pairs so I make a huge move.  All in baby!  We are 2 huge stacks - will she call and risk being 3rd?  Yep!
She turns over AJ and I sweat the turn and river but no aces! Woot! 

It's down to me HUGE STACK and Overcompensating Joel.  The trash talking starts and we play heads up. He has like 10k and I have like 50k.  I have this won.  Game over, or so I think.  He doubles up.  Fuck. Play, play, play.  He keeps raising and I keep folding and he keeps adding to his stack, till I jam all in and he calls and doubles up again. I came in 2nd place.

2nd place.  As I write this I am heartbroken.  It's not the money.  I just wanted to be able to type "Back to Back Mookie Wins" for the title of this post.  :(

Funny other than being heads up, I got very little action tonight.  Very unusual.  80% of my raises resulted in walks.  Tight players?  I dunno - I saw some crazy calls.

At the end of the day I took 2nd place with a $69 prize.  Speaking of money, let's talk bankroll for a minute.

I cannot manage my bankroll to save my life. I had it back over $400 last night, played a $55 one table game last night and was bubble.  I gotta stop doing that!  With tonight's 2nd place win that puts my balance at $380+ and here is my plan.

I am going to play ten (9) person one table games and track my results here.  All games will be $5.50 buyin.  No huge buyins.  No big losses.  Lets see if I have more or less than $380 when I have completed 10. 

Ohhh I hear LIGHTNING played too, but he was knocked out by like 10:05pm.  I didn't even get a chance to visit his table and say hello before he donked off his chips.  Man I needed a guy like that at my table...then again, obviously I didn't.  :)

Play smart....and if I'm at your table, FOLD.



KenP said...

That final hand seems to underscore your Dominatrix qualities. I fear you need to shop for new leather.

Josie said...

Yeah that was a bad hand to jam with. Prior to that hand I had lost some big chips and I was way on tilt. Bad ending to some good playing.

lightning36 said...

Was I in the Mookie? Limped in with 6-6 and flopped a set and thought I was gold. MaggieO hit a stealth straight (she limped in with 7-4 sooted, I think). I pushed all in, thinking she was on a flush draw or had one or two pair. Just one of those Full Tilt coolers. Out in the first eight minutes.

Looks like you learned a little about Mr Slowroll last night. He pushes crap, then seems to crush people when he actually has a hand.

Almost back-to-back wins. Nice showing. You must be learning from observing my play.

Josie said...

Light, I was actually being kind in my post (how unusual). His play was HORRIBLE for most of the night...he just got lucky that poned Maggie.

Thanks! But honey, I was checking out your ass, not observing your play. :P

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on another great showing. Sorry you didn't go back-to-back.

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo!