Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've Got Bad News and Good News .................... (I WON THE MOOKIE!)

....The bad new is I was the first person out of The Very Josie.  I shiat you not.  I work with this kid Adam, who's great at ummmmm architecture (poker not so much).  So I have A-Q big raise and the flop is Qxx.  Yep, TPTK.  I threw so much money at it but Adam wouldn't go away, and I was left with like 465 chips. 

But Jew Boy's the one who got my bounty.  And here I was sooo sure he wouldn't win any money tonight (based on history lol) but I was wrong. He won the $2 bounty.

After the game started I made my pick for the winning horse at tonight's Very Josie.  I was going back and forth between Waffles and Poker Grump, and settled on The Grump.  They both had plenty of chips at the time...but Waffles donked his off pretty early when he jammed AK against Grump's JJ which held up.  I guess JJ is OK!  Note:  although I didn't mention it, I was also thinking HeffMike...I swear!  I'm like psychic, you know.

So Waffles was out of the tourney and he offers me a side bet.  $11 that Poker Grump will not win....even though he's chip leader when this is offered and let's face it, he's a damn good player.  Hmmmm I take the bet.  Let's just say the most money Waffles won tonight was that damn bet. 

Yep, Poker Grump made a valiant effort but wound up in 3rd place, in the money!  It was HeffMike and Dionysus heads up and then HeffMike FTW!

Congrats HeffMike, even though you were A PAIN IN THE BALLS during The Mookie.  Seriously dude.  How many thousands of chips did you steal from me when I was in the blinds?  Who do you think you are, ME? lol

Soooooo onto the good, no make that GREAT news.  Since I was out of my own tourney I played The Mookie.  And I played really really well.  No chasing draws, no overvaluing hands.  I got some chips early and added to them bit by bit until I was the chip leader.  I stayed the chip leader for most of the game.

And since I had so many chips, I decided to do a test on the power of the 4-2 hand.  Have you read about 4-2 on Poker Grump's blog?  I have!  I'm usually too chicken to play it but I always take notice of it, and damn but it seems to win a bit.

I played it here:

And slow played this flop for good value

It is amazing how much this crappy hand wins!  It's almost up there with my favorite know what it is, no need to mention it!  ;)

So anyway, back to The Mookie.  We are playing away and make it to the final table.  3 places in the money.  Joanne is out 5th, Buddy bubbles and it's down to me, HeffMike (he just won The Very Josie!) and PushMonkey.  We played 3 handed for a quite a while....till I took out PushMonkey.

Come to think of it, I think I personally took out, Joanne, Buddy, PushMonkey and HeffMike, myself.   Yup, I was having one of those nights.  I didn't try to rush things.  When I try to speed up the win, that's when I donk off chips.

Quick shout out to Waffles, who has really been helping my game lately.  Alot of good advice about how to play solid poker.  Stuff I already know, but sometimes disregard.  I've cashed in like 5 of the last 7 MTTs that I've played in.  Hope you're feeling better Waffles...and yes I owe you $11....which I will ship to you someday.  :)  just kidding.  Speaking of guys I want to feel better....Wolfie Baby, you don't seem yourself lately.  Hope your doing okay and hope you're feeling better too.  Awww this is like a love fest.  Um, don't get used to it.  :P

Speaking of shipping money.....ummm this guy Pinky Stinky....I took him out of The Mookie too.  I don't know this guy at all but he shipped me $11!!!  Is that because I took him out?  Does he just randomly send money to bloggers?  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Me, complain? 




Heffmike said...

cool, since I spewed all my HU winnings to Stinky, I feel like I "paid it forward", or something like that...

There should be a special prize or honor for winning the VJ IMHO...

Your public should decide this...

KenP said...

Nice shot of Grump Junk. I imagine the chat after matched the wallpaper and suggest a long walk on a short pier to you.

Josie said...

Ken, keep your mind off grump's junk. :)

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the win, that's great!

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo!!

BamBam said...

I can't believe you wanted off my table so badly, that you busted out first!


Congrats on the win!

The Poker Meister said...

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BamBam said...

Oh and I almost forgot.

That's why.

Josie said...

BamBam - You played great last night....very close to winning IMO.

Thanks for the pinky stinky url. I love finding a new poker blog!

@ Poker Meister - I am sooo uncomputer savvy, I'd need to buy not only that tracking tool, but like a hunky guy to come with it to explain how it works about 500 times...not for me.

lightning36 said...

Congrats on the win. I thought you were totally off on your VJ pick. I thought I was going to take it down ... until I ran A-Q into Q-Q ...

Josie said...

Thanks Lightning. AQ kills me all the time. me no likey.

Wolfshead said...

Yea, not feeling so hot right now. The heavy humidity plays hell with the psoriasis and the arthritus that goes with it and it's been hot and humid here. Add in the fact that it also seems to be driving the leg twichy thing crazy too and I don't feel like much of anything. On the bright side the ALA seems to be working on the burning that some times goes along with the twichies. I did make the game last night tho even tho my puter was downstairs where there is no ac. Sorry I didn't stick around after getting knocked out but even 3 fans running on hi weren't cutting it and had to get back to the cool air. Daughter is pissed at me because we haven't even been to the pool for a couple days, too hot even for that.

Speaking of the daughter it looks like Waffles got the first link she did. Imagine that.

Josie said...

Awww Wolfie...I knew you weren't yourself last night. I wish we got to chat a little more. And yeah, I saw that she gave Waffles the first shout out....I mean he did do a post about it! lol

Hope you feel better soon.

Cricket said...

Hey, Congrats Sista!!

Well done. Too bad I missed your tourney, tho. I was really looking forward to it. :))

Next month!

Great job!

PokahDave said...

Great job on the Mookie. Damn if I can't win that's the one blogger tourney I am completely cursed in!

Josie said...

Thanks Dave - yeah it's a tough crowd. I've won plenty of those 90 man things on FT, but think I'm more proud of my mookie win!

May be time for a Seabrook trip!