Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stories of a Crazed Fan Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Red Sox fan?  I've been to Sox spring training camp and park in Fort Myers Florida, ohhh about 4 times.  Nothing makes me happier than Florida and The BoSox in the spring.  Well....maybe some things would but that's another post.

As you can imagine I've met alot of players during spring training.  They are much more accessible during spring training, which Mama likes.  :)  I have interacted with......Dustin Pedroia, Manny, Papi, Yaz, Dewey Evans, Jacoby Ellsbury, Wade Boggs, Youk and many the rays.  We also visited their spring training facility and I got to meet Carl Crawford - and had quite an exchange.  :) Oh and I also kinda met Stephen King! (he almost ran me over)

It's always me and my friend Brian, and as crazy as I am for the sox, he is even crazier.  A typical day for us in Fort Myers is:

Out the door by 8:30am
Breakfast by 9am
At the park by 10 am.
Doors open at 11am
Secure good spot near field to get autographs.
Yell, and beg for autographs for 3 hrs
Watch game at 1pm
Go to house, shower
Go out to dinner

Sometimes we'd go the training facility instead of the park.  Either way it ends up being a long, hot day, but totally worth it.  Here are some of the interactions I've had.

Dustin Pedroia - First time I met him was the spring before his Red Sox debut.  He was training away, while I was in "the pit" with a ton of other fans.  I was right up front - getting there 2 hrs early has it's privledges. So anyway, while everyone is yelling to Manny, I call Dustin over.  He turns around, looks surprised, and says to me "You're really talking to me?" and I'm like "Yeah, come give me your autograph!"

So he comes over, signs everything I ask of him while we chat.  Of course I tell him he's going to make the team, and he is not quite as sure as I am.  (We also follow minor league too...yes crazy)  So anyway, he signs for all the other fans, and stays with us for quite a while.  I keep bragging to everyone that it was MY idea to get him over.

Fast foward to next year.  I am in the same spot and there he is....Mr. Rookie of the Year.  He's stretching or whatevah, and I call him over.  NOTHING.  I call him again. "Dustin!!!" NOTHING.  No turn, no acknowledgement....and I have a poster that I took from my son's room that I wanted him to autograph.  Grrrr.  So he finishes his training...gets up off the grass, and walks right over to me.  Yes I am in front again. In this pit of like 100 fans.  So everyone around me is THRILLED and screaming "Dustin!"....except me. lol don't get the Sicilian chick mad.  He says hello and signs my poster and stuff first.

I say "Didn't you hear me calling you?" Grrr

He says "Yeah, I heard you!"

Me "Then why didn't you come over?"

Dustin "Well I did.  I'm here.  I had to finish the workout first."

Me "Oh yeah"

He went on to tell me that he remembered me from last year!  I shiat you not! He said something like, didn't we do this last year?  Yes!!!!! And then he told me that I was so nice LAST YEAR.  Heh.

Yaz was the toughest autograph to get.  He just doesn't sign and he's an angry man.  Tough for some but not for Very Josie.

Stay tuned for the Yaz story.


evpjm said...

So have you stopped going? Always wanted to do that. My Parents had a place in Florida but never made it down for the spring training.

Josie said...

Yeah temporarily stopped cuz I of limited funds. I really wished I went this year tho. It is SOOOOO much fun. Even more fun than regular season.

The Neophyte said...

Hey Josie, did you ask Yaz why he used to dog it down to first base? I bet he signed for you then hahahaha. I hope you'll let me know next time you come down here for spring training again. Spring training games are a lot of fun.

Josie said...

Neo Baby, I'm thinking you're not a sox fan!!!

I'll be back for ST in florida and you'll definitely know about it. :) Count on me next March!

The Neophyte said...

Perhaps Josie you should say I am no longer a Sox Fan. I grew up a Sox fan. I remember going to a game in the impossible dream 67 season when I was 7 years old. I remember sitting in the rightfield stands and watching Doug Griffin turn a triple play in the early 1970s. BTW the Sox still lost that game. I remember Bernie Carbo's 3 run homer to tie game 6 of the 75 series before Fisk guided that homer around the foul pole. - which I didn't see because I was asleep by then. But then I grew up, I moved and rooted for my new home town team. Yaz was a terrific player, maybe the best defensive left fielder the Sox ever had. He knew that wall like no one else and his triple crown year was a fantastic season. But everyone knew he had a bit of a dog in him back then. I was in Fenway one day and watched him jog to first base on a grounder that he would have beaten if he ran for it because of a bad throw. And that was far from the only time.

Josie said...

Eh Neo, I remember the 75 series and I was only 9. That was the year I became a red sox fan even though they didn't win. It's also the year I became a Jim Rice fan and I still am both. Yaz did know how to play the green monster better than anyone, but he was an all round player too. Hitting, fielding and yeah he was a prima donna. He certainly wasn't the only one. I met him a couple of years ago, and honest to god, it was like meeting.....Abraham Lincoln.