Friday, February 17, 2012

Wake for Wake

Tim Wakefield, #49, knuckle ball pitcher extraordinaire retired today from the Boston Red Sox and from major league baseball.  He had the distinction of being the oldest active Red Sox player as well as being the one with the most longevity with the sox.  Obviously being a knuckleball pitcher helped out here.  Throwing the ball at 60 mph instead of 90 mph will indeed prevent burn out.

BYE WAKE.  Mama's gonna miss you, your blue eyes and they way you filled out your uniform.  *sigh*

You see, I LOVED Wakefield for over a decade.  Yes I said loved, and I'm not one to throw the EL word around.  Anyway, I heard the news earlier in work.  My minions here ran over to my office as soon as word was out.  My love for Wake was well known everywhere including the office because if he was pitching, I'd get first dibs on leftover (free) sox tix.  :)

Gary, as you can see from his post, thought of me immediately as well and emailed me.  Below is the exchange:

Gary: I just heard the news – I’m so sorry.  I’m going to create a post asking people to be extra nice to you because you’re likely emotionally fragile right now.

Josie:  What the heck are you talking about?

Josie: Is this a bad joke?

Josie: Ohhhh Wakfield!!! It IS a bad joke. he's old and he retired - get over it.

Gary: hey – he doesn’t make ME all squidgy below decks. I was offering compassion.

Josie: LOL Well thank you for the compassion. Much appreciated. Obv we knew it was coming. You SURE he doesn't make you squidgy?

Gary:  look, maybe a little, but he is devastatingly handsome.

Heh.  That he is. Now even though I'd heard the news mebbe twenty minutes before this exchange, I put it completely out of my head and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what/who Gary was talking about.

Why?  Well it's me, not him.  I wonder if it's my Sicilian nature.  :)  After a decade of loving him from afar (and sometimes closeup, praise Jesus) he pissed me off.  Once he did that, I just never felt the same way.  Let that be a lesson to you boys!

I go koo-koo crazy for celebrities and sports figures and went nuts whenever I met him for a signing.  The second to last signing I saw him at was a big one.  Practically the whole team was there and each had a little table set up where they'd sign and fans would go from player to player.  Me?  Not so much.  I got my autograph, and then a photo taken with him *sigh* and after that, just stayed beside him and watched him up close for the rest of the day.  I chose that eperience over standing in line and getting other autographs and it was the right choice.  :)  Instead of standing at the back of the line, he said I could stand next to him and his table and watch him sign the many items. (!)  Awwwwwwwesome.  Helluva day and memory.  Poor guy def thought I was a crazy lady, kept laughing at my ridiculous fawning and was very nice.

Later on I got my photo of he and I together printed out and wanted THAT signed.  He was at a small signing that my friend was going to so Evan and I went as well.  Evan was very small at the time - prolly 7 yrs old - maybe 8.  Evan was standing in line to get a photo with him and didn't really know what to do.  When Evan's turn was up, he didn't immediately run to Wake....he was like a deer in the headlights.  Wake started YELLING at him to hurry up, that he didn't have all day.  If I didn't see it myself, I wouldn't have believed it but I did and I was crushed.

Of course, not so crushed that I didn't want my photo of him and me signed.  I did.  When I got to him I started chatting ad nauseum (I love you Wake!) and then he proceeded to sign the photo.  In the photo he was wearing a black shirt and he grabbed a black sharpie to sign it....even though he had every color of the rainbow in front of him.  Just as he started I yelped "Stop!  It's not showing up!  Can you use a different color/"

He said NO and kept on signing.

He signed in black ON THE BLACK SHIRT.  Can't even fucking see it unless you angle the photo just so, and yes I still have said photo.  He and I went back and forth on this a bit (as I'm sure you can imagine) but he refused to sign it again.

I was crushed at the way he yelled at Evan mostly, as well as crushed by his lack of concern for what I thought was a precious item.  I mean I KNOW it wasn't precious to him, but it was obviously precious to me.

It wasn't a conscious thing, but ever since, I just felt meh about him.  I still enjoyed watching his knuckleball dance, and enjoyed games where he pitched but the "ga-ga" was gone gone.  Still is.  I respect what he's done for the Sox and his game but he doesn't reside in the uber tiny Grinch like heart of Very Josie anymore.  Done.  I'm sure it's the Sicilian in me.

That doesn't negate his awesomeness as a pitcher though.

Play ball.



Anonymous said...


Memphis MOJO said...

I'm guessing Wakefield is a nice guy, but, hey, we're all human. I can certainly understand, though, why he went down in your eyes.

DuggleBogey said...

There's a special place in my heart for knuckle-ball pitchers too.

Just not Red Sox pitchers.

Josie said...

FBoy - Fiurst indeed!

Mojo - I think he is a nice guy. Truth be told I think he was so cranky that day because he had back problems. I'm not angry - it's just not "there" anymore.

Duggle - Yankees Suck!!!!!

Cranky said...

VJ - I'm sorry to say this, but I've been "meh" about Wake for the last 2 or 3 years. Just waiting for him to retire. And, last year, with the hump he couldn't over to get to 200 wins just drove me batshit. This was a shoe we all knew would drop, but I frickin' couldn't wait for it to happen.

grrouchie said...

Sox Suck
Yanks Suck

Truth B told - Baseball Sucks.
I'll even go as far as to say BBall Sucks to include both B sports that are popular and going on right now.

At least there is Violent Hockey to hold me over till Football season is back :)

Josie said...

@cranky, I don't disagree with you. But when the knuckleball was dancing it was awesome. he was either very good or very bad.

@grrouchie, WHORE!

Anonymous said...

in fairness,your not that bad, but i do think you have an audience of some real degens :). shit, that must include me!! lol, but im a avid "poker blog reader". i will attempt play your game on BCP, i play live on a monday night, usually in by around 1am UK time, if im hyped enough i'll stay awake to join, if thats ok?
Oh, and im from iverpool UK , not "Mr Derbyshire".
See ya soon!

Josie said...

I will try to think of you as Mr. Liverpool. :) I would be thrilled if you play my tourney. :) I know it's late for you guys over there.

And thank you for saying I'm not that bad. Crazy, but that pleases me. Now if you're NICE I will continue to post your comments.

I expect you to be on good behaviour Mr. Liverpool!

Oh and I had to look up that english saying *shock* when I did.(!)

Josie said...

Oh and Mr. Liverpool, when you play my tourney, I plan on kicking your ass. Know why? Cuz you think I can't.

Anonymous said...

see you then, hopefully!!. been a long night, just crushed a 7 stud game $3/$6 for over 700 profit of ure dollars about £500 in REAL money!
im always nice :), perfect gent , so i am!
bed time now, hopefully SHE is asleep!!
As for kickin my ass!, hmmm...not sure, tho it has been a while since i milked you Yanks for all its worth!! :)
we shall see!
cheers...GG nite nite

Josie said...

Jesus that's a good night. Gent my ass.

Anonymous said...

hehehe how u know i was teh furst


Josie said...

Fboyy, I'm mad talented in many ways. Btw you're not like 16yrs old r u? Lol

Anonymous said...

lolololol nope

Josie said...

Well thats anyway. Are you 18, little boy?

Anonymous said...

Loloooool nop




Pics of whatwomenwantgirl?

Anonymous said...

F-boy means Female Boy.....ldo

girl/boy is approx 24 and speaks internet which is the most obvious sign of zero real life friends. lol

Keep up the good work female might grow up one day hahahahaha

Josie said...

Don't be dissing Fboy! Hmmmm He doesn't seem very female but you could be right about the age.

FBoy - does this dude have mad skills? Are you the ripe old age of 24? omfg

Anonymous said...

Nope lololoolo y u mad bro