Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are you ready for some POKER?

Black Chip Poker, that is!

The Very Josie is back.  What?  You don't know what The Very Josie is?  Child, you've been missing out!  The Very Josie is my private poker tournament.  It used to run on Full Tilt Poker but Mama has moved houses and you can now find it on Black Chip Poker! 

The Very Josie is a No Limit Texas Holdem Knockout Bounty MTT.  It costs $10+fee to play. $8 goes to the prize pool and $2 is the knockout bounty you'll receive for every person you knock out.  Sounds fun, right?  It will run once per month on the first Monday of every month.  That is the rule - The Very Josie is on the first Monday, get it?  However, as you might've heard, there's an exception to every rule.  For this first month...the month of February, The Very Josie will be on  Monday, February 13th.  (fuck ya, yes I know the 13th is the 2nd Monday, but I missed the first Monday and didn't want to wait a whole month, mkay?)

So there you go.

The first Very Josie on Black Chip Poker is next Monday, Feb 13th at 10pm Eastern (Boston) time.

It is a helluva good time.  The laughs, the jokes, the fights, the swearing <----not moi! and of course, the knocking people out.  Let's not forget the special attention you'll get from me should you knock me out.  OMFG Don't you dare!  lol

If playing poker with me wasn't incentive enough to play (and it sure as shit should be)  Black Chip Poker is offering the following BONUS CODE to players who deposit the first time:

Use the Bonus Code VERYJOSIE750 when you deposit and you'll get 150% match to your deposit, up to $750.  You do have to earn points to release your bonus.

The deposit bonus works like this – players need to rake and earn vip points for every 75 vip points earned they’ll clear $1 of rake. Each time they accrue $5 worth of bonus it will drop into their account automatically. This will continue to happen until they receive the bonus in entirety or until it expires after 90 days.

Now if you've already deposited on BCP but need to reload, you can use Bonus Code BCP375.  This code will get you 75% match up to $375 dollars....which is better than a poke in the eye.  Right? :)

Hmmm what else do you need to know?  As this is a private tournament you'll need a password to get in.  I tried to use Josieistheprettiestgirliknowandiwanttogiveherallmymoney but they wouldn't take it, so i had to go with the following:

Password is pokerbaby.

So remember....keep next Monday night open for some poker baby.  It'll be the most fun you can get for $11. You should know that I'll use everything at my disposal to beat you (EVERYTHING) and that includes the chat box. Heh. It can get heated. I'll have to figure out a creative way to swear like a sailor.  :)

Oh and if you haven't already downloaded Black Chip Poker, I suggest you get your ass in gear!

Still reading?  Excellent!  There's one more bit of news to share.  As I said, the VJ is only once a month and it's NLHE.  Someone told me once a month wasn't enough Very Josie for him.   If I get a good turn out for The Very Josie, I'll be setting up a sister tournament on BCP which will be an Omaha8 high low thingy.  Can I  play this well?  No!  But I find it to be a lot of fun....so you will have 2 tourneys to choose from!  And since I won't be playing alone (at least not during the game) let me know which night works for you....majority rules.  As The Very Josie is on Mondays, I was thinking Wednesday for the un-named tourney but as I said, please tell me which day works best for you.  Again, this second tourament won't be making its debut just yet.

Also, I need a name for the Omaha8 MTT....any ideas? 

The Very Schmosie?

Omaha Jo?

Josie Does Omaha?

Bitching and Moaning?

OMFG It's Omaha?

Omaha Mama? <---not terrible!

See?  I can't think of a fucking clever name to save my life.  Please help me.  Please.  I like clever.  I fucking need clever and I obv cannot find it.

Now that my BCP commerical is over, did I tell you I hit on a superbowl square?  I did.  Plus I won in the mixed game after the tourney on Saturday night....and a bit on Superbowl Sunday.  I was counting out all this cash that I had stuffed in my purse this morning and thought "Oh yeah, I was so bummed out about the Patriots that I forgot I won".  As the final seconds of the Pats game ticked down, along with my broken heart, I realized that if the Pats didn't score, I would hit my superbowl square for the final score of the game.

OMFG - God does indeed have a sense of humor.

As soon as that thought crossed my mind I was horrified!  My next thought was "Noooooo....I don't want to win!  I want the Pats to win!  Please!!!!"

Well if the Patriots had to lose anyway, I may as well have won a buyin or two, right?  :)

Play smart, especially if you're up against me.



Anonymous said...

How about O'Mama like Obama.

Josie said...

Actually, that's pretty effing good. O'Mama likie.

ManInBlack said...

Once is never enough of the Josie.

Josie said...

Thanks Man. :) That might be a good name for the second tourney!

Rob said...

How about the "Cornhusker Josie"? You know, Omaha, Nebraska, Cornhuskers?

JT88Keys said...

10 ET is soooooo late. I already downloaded BCP and was just waiting for the code to sign up and deposit, but I'm gonna have to be the boring old fart that I am and pass. I can't stay up til midnight my time if I'm lucky/skilled enough (aka avoid Josie hitting a 3-outer to cripple me when I get it all in as a 90+ percent favorite) to make a deep run in the tourney.


Memphis MOJO said...

I've signed up -- you know I wouldn't miss the fun of a VeryJosie tournament!!

Has anybody been able to successfully withdraw from Black Chip? No offense, but I was burned by Cake Poker.

Josie said...

@old fart, I mean JT :) I know - it's very darn late for me too, but I was trying to accomodate those on the other coast. shiat! It's only once a month. :) Please? With sugar on it?

I have a whole week to work on you, and I have my ways. *evil grin*

Josie said...

Oh and blah to Cornhusker Josie - that sounds like I'm a farm hand husking corn.:)

Rob said...

Well, I was thinking of you more as the sexy farmer's daughter type.

Josie said...

Mojo baby, you go through my tourneys like a hot knife through butter.

I have confirmed that withdrawals are possible but take 6-8 weeks. I'd sell it on 2+2 where you get 85 cents to 90 cents on the dollar and it's completely legit.

Of course you have to win first. :P

Josie said...

Rob, lol I appreciate that, but you should keep in mind I'm an older woman. <--- omfg I can't believe I actually said that, alas it is true.

By "older" I mean amazing but slightly wrinkly around the eyes. Something my son LOVES to point out to me.

VegasDWP said...

HO-Kay, I'm gonna try to come to your little shin-dig. (After all, you can't distract me with cleavage in chat ... I don't think).

However, 10pm is 3am London time ... but I'm gonna do it anyway.

See what a good guy I am?

I've been waiting for an excuse to deposit on BCP anyway ... hoping they have electronic payout for European players.


Josie said...

Yay David!!!! That is awesome for you to consider this with the time difference and all, but um....

"(After all, you can't distract me with cleavage in chat ... I don't think)" WRONG!!! I am incredibly distracting in chat...you'll see! :)

ManInBlack said...


VegasDWP said...

ugh ... I'm doomed.

Josie said...

LOL ManinBlack. ty i think

Josie said...

MiB, don't believe anything Lightning says about me!

Rob said...

You're not an "older woman" Josie. Just not as young as you used to be. Remember, you're only as old as you feel (and I haven't felt you yet...or felted you yet, for that matter)

So will you be distracting men with "virtual cleavage" during the tournament? Come to think of it, there's that pic of you on Tony's blog.....

Vegas DWP....when I see DWP I think "Department of Water & Power"! What's a guy from the Vegas DWP doing in London? Hmm, maybe the DWP stands for "Done With Poker"?

Gary said...


JT88Keys said...

I'm sure I'll cave before next Monday night. I'll just warn my co-workers that I'll probably be late or grumpy...or both on Tuesday.

Josie said...

Rob, Believe me, I agree. Don't get me wrong, I'm a legend in my own mind. And no there will be no virtual cleavage, just a lot of talk...maybe a litle innuendo and loads of swearing.

Gary, Jomaha - I get it and I like it! You've set the bar.

TY JT!!! If you like Omaha, I will make the start time of that earlier.

Wolfshead said...

O8 huh? PL or limit? Don't know if I'm playing but if I do and considering the way you play when I'm at the table it probably should be called Screw the Wolf. And what about next weekend? Roadtrip?

Josie said...

Wolfie, I dunno PL or Limit...I will let you decide. Your pick.

As far as AC and road trip and all that, I just found out that southwest doesn't fly from boston to philly anymore! *gasp* I dont think i can go! *sob*

Josie said...

LOL And I'll be more considerate of your feelings and stack next time we play. :)

Gary said...

Oh like hell you will.

Wolfshead said...

That sux. I checked Allentown but that ain't any cheaper

O8 should be played at limit, Omaha at pot. You're looking at a quick tourney if you play PLO8

Zin said...

How about "Josie does Omaha"

Anonymous said...

thats 3am my time

any idea how many runners/blind levels = how long may last (coz obv josie and Fboy will make it hu weeee)


Josie said...

lol Gary, Shhhhhh

@wolfie, yes it DOES suck.

@Zin, That's a good one!

@fboy...you're british??? Do tell! I'll make it to heads up and we'll see about you. So sorry it's so late/early for you, but PLEASE play - you're young, you can take it. :) I'm guessing 2 tables....with a lot of luck maybe 3. 3,000 in starting chips and standard other thingys, and it's starts at 25/50. I'm guessing 2 hours ish. Go to bed early!!!!!

Zin said...

@josie, I know, lol.

Mike Heffner said...

So, us clowns that have an account on another Merge skin are out of luck?

Rob said...

You siren you! VJ, I signed up on BCP just to play in your tournament. Even managed to fund it, which was not easy. Assuming nothing unforeseen happens (and if it's unforeseen, how could I foresee it?), I'll be there Monday night, and will be ready to claim first place.

Ship it!