Sunday, February 5, 2012


This was me pouting on Saturday night after I lost my tournament. 
Unfortunately, it expresses how I feel right now, having just finished watching the Superbowl.
Yes, I know it's a fugly and unflattering picture.
No, I don't give a fuck.

They scored more points than we did. *sigh*

In an effort to block it out, I'll show you some  photos from Saturday night's L&BM Poker League tournament.  When I started playing in this tournament a couple of years ago, I would jokingly refer to it as L&BM because all of the other players were, in fact, lesbians or black men.  The league is run by Lynne and her wife June.  I just found it unusual that there were be little to no white men in the league - how unusual.  Of course there weren't many heterosexual women there either. 

Now a couple of years later, there are some white guys, although they are still in the minority.  Interestingly enough when we were down to 3 people in the league finale, they were all white men.  The women are the weakest link in this league for sure, so it's no surprise that they didn't make it.

My demise was running into Sean's quad jacks during an illtimed bluff.  Awesome.

Anyhoo, here are some pics:

Sean - this photo was taken immediately after he knocked me out with quads.  He went on to win the tournament.

My buddy Marvin, or as I like to call him, Old, Long, Tall and Ugly
Bounty was a $20 scratch ticket, visible in this photo

Freddie and Lynne, who runs the league (notice her cool poker shirt)
Ken is in the background

Isn't he cute?

I wore my new pink and grey hoodie outfit that I got for Christmas and it was...tight, not that the boys seemed to mind but I sure do. *gasp* I'm on the fence about posting photos of the tight outfit and decided it's probably not a good idea.  A better idea is to lose some weight and make the outfit loose, so that's what I'm going to do.  I mean it's brand new!  I kinda think it may be made to be worn snugly, but that could be me rationalizing. *sigh*

The Patriots lost the Superbowl.


Oh and interesting circumstance happened when we were down to 3 peeps.  Once I get over my depression about the Patriots loss, in a year or two, I will post about it.


grrouchie said...

That is a great pic of you pouting!

that's all.

Josie said...

Um, thanks. :( Fuck, the Patriots lost.

Paul said...


Well Josie, beaten again by Eli and his defense.....GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!

Sorry Tommy, maybe next year, as long as you don't have to play the Giants again!

I have to bust some balls here, but it was a great game and my team could have easily lost so I know that. It still kicks ass beating NE all the time!!!!

Mikeg5162000 said...

You said "Cannot frigging wait for Sunday, when the PATRIOTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL. And no it's not going to be close. I predict Tom Terrific passes for close to 400 yards. Take that to the bank."
A little off target. Come in off the ledge now. It's just a gamer. Next year you might want to ease up on the boldness of the predictions. Just ask Rex.

Josie said...

@Paul, fuck off.

@Mike, No I will NEVER ease up.

Paul said...

Not taking much to the bank are we Josie??

"Cannot frigging wait for Sunday, when the PATRIOTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL. And no it's not going to be close. I predict Tom Terrific passes for close to 400 yards. Take that to the bank."

Um yeah, the bank.

Might want to swap the t-shirts on those crying babies you posted the other day!

Ok I am done....maybe.

Josie said...

@Paul - classless, like the yankees. big surprise....NOT.

ManInBlack said...

I am sad as you are. Now I have to pay Zin. BOOOOOOOO

Josie said...

LOL That's sucks too. I keep telling myself "pitchers and catchers report in 14 days." I am more than ready for baseball.

Anonymous said...

sexi pic ma'am

btw haz u got a tattoo on ur left boobie?


Josie said...

omg - how is that a sex pic? I can show you sexy pics!!! lol never mind.

no that is not a tattoo - that is a pendant on my necklace. I am tattoo free - so far.

Paul said...

Classless? ha

IF the Pats won you would be gloating up a storm so stop with the sour puss and sour grapes.

Take your loss fair and square.

Typical Pats fan.

Josie said...

Paul darling if the Pats won, I would be celebrating up a storm, that's for sure. What I would NOT be doing is sending out messages to Giants fans in a classless manner, but that's me.

And I would love the sour mood, sour puss and sour grapes to go away more than you would. Imma waiting for it to pass. What I cannot do is be fake and pretend everything is hunky dory. That just is not me.

However, I will stop spewing my misery as much as I possibly can. I shouldn't have been so rude in my reply to you.

Cranky said...

VJ - oh man, that last quarter was dismal to watch. You knew the outcome that was coming. Tom was definitely not terrific. I completely blame him for that ill-advised long pass that was intercepted. There's an air of desperation in that long pass leading to the INT ... same BS thing he pulled against the Ravens 2 weeks ago when we had a lead and all he needed to do was run out the clock.

This one will definitely not stick in my craw the way the last SB loss did, though. I really, really wanted them to get that unbeaten season and this year, well, I figured it was pretty likely they'd lose. Sad to say I was right.

Josie said...

It was a horrible 4th quarter. How those passes weren't caught I'll never know. Keep in mind I had 12 strange lunatic men in my house screaming at the top of their lungs and I hate loud noises - you hve no idea how loud it got. (keep in mind of the 12, only 2 were actually friends. others i'd met once a year over the years and do not care for, though all were pats fans) I watched the final moments alone in my bedroom, and thought if ONE person tries to enter my haven he will leave with less apendages than he'd like.

Paul said...

Josie - please remind me which part was classless.

Actually don't because it doesnt matter.

I think you are just a bit too upset.

Oh well. Thank you for your apology although it wasn't necessary.

Wow, fun loving Josie not so fun loving when it comes to poking fun at each other for the teams we root for.....sorry it is so hurtful to you but you WOULD BE gloating and you WOULD send any such gloating to any Giants fans you know.

I didnt seek you have a blog, it was fun to tease each other before you lost though, wasn't it? Now it isnt ok? Seriously lame Josie.

Wow. Whatever.

Josie said...

Paul, I apologized sincerely. Can we leave it at that?

Paul said...

Fair enough.

Cranky said...

VJ - sucks to have a house filled with too loud folks freaking out over that game. Only thing worse would have been 12 Giants fans!

Josie said...

Cranky, true dat. But these guys were screaming their heads off like an hour before it even started.

ARGGGHHHHHHH ONE HOUR TILL KICK OFF!!!! Too fucking loud, plus I was functioning on 4 hrs sleep, plus I don't like most of them on a good day.

ManInBlack said...

Hey Josie did you want that Beanie I offered on your other post? Also now I have to get ahold of Zin and get his addy to send him his winnings...... #EPICFAIL

Josie said...

MiB, Well....Patroits beanie, right? I dunno that I'm all that comfortable giving strange men on the internet my address...except KenP who is QUITE strange, but I digress....

As much as I'd like it, no can do. However, if you're Vegas in July and wouldn't mind bringing it, I'll trade that patriots beanie for a drink! Thanks for thinking of me.

Zin said...

@ all New England fans which is not many. New England has not won a Superbowl since Spy Gate, when New England was caught cheating. I say the 3 previous Superbowls are tainted and not legit. Not a coincidence just facts, no cheating allowed no Superbowl wins hmmmm. Have a great day JBC, lol.

Anonymous said...

Not that I was looking at ur boobie btw xD

Dya like young men Josie? Long walks in teh park?

Just played a long hu match v a super passive fit fold player was as if I was playing in 1990s (not that I'd know how good they werelol) anyways he chk shipped Jxx and I snapped with KK expecting Jx....nope JJ obv ooooops


More pix pls :)


Ps sup grouchie

ManInBlack said...

No worries. I fully understand. I don't know KenP, is he in Vegas? If so I could just give the package to him and he can fill in your addy. If not I can just hang onto it til July.... no biggie.

Josie said...

@Zin We all make mistakes, don't we?

@Fboy That beat sucked! No sweetie I'm way too fucking old for u. For real. Ur cute tho. Now is the time to get yourself a young girl. Ur funny so I suspect you'll have no trouble there.

Meninblack, if u see lightning please give it yo him tyvm. Ur awesome.

Zin said...

@josie give me a break, i was joking with you cause you started needling me. Anyway thanks for your numerals and enjoy life, life is to short to pout, no crying in football. Your #1 with me Chiquita.

Josie said...

@zin, alright but you can be a pain in my ass sometimes.

ManInBlack said...

No problem. I will package it up and give it to Lightning.

Josie said...

Thank you, man in black. xoxo

Zin said...

@josie i am sure i can cause pain in the round brown given the chance, sorry could not resist, lol.

Josie said...

lol Zin - the key is to be given the chance...that's the hard part.

Zin said...

@josie i got the hard part covered, now lets work on the chance, lol.

Josie said...


ManInBlack said...

YOUR VERY WELCOME. I just left TBC and Lightning over at OSheas about an hour ago. Had to do family things....

VegasDWP said...

Sorry about your Pats ... I'm a Niners fan, so didn't have a horse in this race. I put my money on the Giants, though, as I was less than impressed with the Pats performance in the Ravens game.

Maybe next year... cheer up!