Thursday, February 16, 2012


I get my hair cut maybe 3 times a year, tops.  In other words, not all that fucking much.  So I was very overdue for a haircut....something my sister kept kindly reminding me of.  "Oh my God look at those dead ends.  You're hair is fried.  Cut it off." You know, sweet stuff like that.  Although she IS a hairdresser, so she knows what she's talking about.

Anyway, last night she held an intervention.  She stopped by at like 7pm with her equipment bag.  Ut oh! (hi duggle!) She said she was supposed to give someone a hair cut but that was cancelled and she had time to do mine NOW.


So I got my hair cut.  It seemed like a ton was falling off, perhaps because she thinned it out by adding layers.  It used to be one length, all long.  Now there are short bits all throughout and the lack of bulk made it poof up last night.  This morning I blowdryed it straight and it looks pretty good.  I took some pictures of it to show my friend, so I do have a couple of pics of it that I can show you tonight.  No, they're not all that exicitng. It's me waiting for the bus with a coat and scarf on. (Boston is coooold today) and then as soon as I got into the office because you couldn't really see the length of my dark hair against my black coat.  Anyway, FBoy did ask for pics today too.  Talk about timing!  So swing by tonight for some boring pictures.  I may try to leave my hair curly/poofy to see which looks better with the new cut.

What?  You don't want to know about my hair ad nauseum?  You came here looking for poker talk? 

Okee dokee!

I've decided to play that re-entry tournament.  You get to enter on Friday and then if you donk out, you have one chance to re-enter on Saturday, with the final game on Sunday. I like the idea of this soooo much better than a rebuy.  I'm not sure if I'll just do the Saturday/Sunday thing and skip Friday (I can do that!) but I like the idea of having an extra attempt.  We'll see.  In the mean time, I'll living, breathing, reading and practicing poker until the big day.

To that end, I plan on playing a large tournament on BCP tonight to practice.  Feel free to rail me and watch.  I can pretty much guarantee I'll be leading the pack early on, and then possibly throw it all away.  Unless I figure out a way to fix the latter half of my game.  We'll see.

Play smart.


PS.  My boy Waffles is going through a tough time right now.  Waffles, you need to know that things will get better and will not stay as bad as you think they are now.  For real yo.  Bottom line is you have two children who love their dad very much and that will never change.  Also, you have literally hundreds of online friends who care about you, and I am at the front of that pack.  Take care baby. xoxo PS Glad you're reaching out to attorneys.


Anonymous said...

Tapping ma feets


Ps if u get any hands from bcp post them using a hh converter like weak tight plssss weeeeeeee

Still tapping feeets

Rob said...

Hope you have a good hair day on BCP tonite, dunno if I'll be able to watch but if I was able to, I don't know if I could figure out how to watch.

I like to watch.....

Josie said...

@fboy,im telling you the pics are nothing special - dont get all worked up!

@rob, click on the friends tab kinda to the right beneath the legend. add me as a friend - i am veryjosie then click on me and you can watch.

Memphis MOJO said...

Maybe I'll rail you. What time does it start?

Josie said...

not sure which tourney yet mojo. most likely i wont start till 9pm but I will post details as soon as I select my tourney so come on back.

Anonymous said...

It's bed time n can't wait ne longer :((((((

Feets sore

grrouchie said...

I get my hair cut about once a year whether I need it or not.

When I would younger and actually had a full head of hair I would let it grow until I could cut enough off to donate to starving African children or whatever it is they do with that pony tail.