Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Time

I'm playing in a megastack tournament at Foxwoods today with THIS GUY.  We always do well when we play together, and I want to keep that up.  I believe it's MY turn this time.  In August we played at Foxwoods in a WPT event (I think!) and I came in 4th place out of almost 300 runners.  Then in November we played at Borgata <---nice fricking poker room, mama likie, and Hoy went deep and donked out one before the final table. <---that's me giving a compliment, mkay?  I might've lasted an hour, but won about the same as Hoy from playing cash.  Oh and that was also the trip where I taught Wolfie how to play his own game.  Heh.

Speaking of Wolfie, WOLFIE BABY, thinking of you.  Please don't be all down and blah.

Time to go deep.  Time to last longest.  I'm feeling really good and confident. <---Yes, more than usual.

Play smart.



Anonymous said...


big score coming 4th? praytell

FFFFF tooo TEH booyyyyy

tbc said...

when you gonna let me clap them cheeks

Memphis MOJO said...

GL -- hope to hear good reports.

Wolfshead said...

Oh and that was also the trip where I taught Wolfie how to play his own game. Heh.

Toally smashed and lucky as hell and thinks she knows what she did that night

Rob said...

Oh wow, still no updates here or on twitter yet. You must be crushing it.

Are you at the final table yet?

Josie said...


Anonymous said...



Josie said...

Fboy, 4th place got me a little over 4k but as soon as i busted out the other three split for 9k each - the bastards.

And yes I cashed at foxwoods, not quite as much but I'll take it. big write up to follow.

Rob said...

That's great, congratulation. Can't wait to read all the details.

Anonymous said...