Monday, February 13, 2012


Tonight's the night we'll make history....

Well maybe not, BUT tonight is The Very Josie!

Yeah baby, it is.  Black Chip Poker!  You can find the tournament under the "Private" tab.  I'm already registered so you could always just try to find me.  I'm the only one registered so far by the way.  :(  Don't make me play by myself.  Erm, I'd rather play with a bunch of men obv.  Heh.

The Very Josie

10PM Eastern Time (3am if you live in the UK.  Real men from the UK will play this game though, like this guy with a phallicy last name - he's "kinda" cute (for a Brit) - he's going to play!

If you have any trouble finding the game or logging on email me at (don't bug me unless you need help)

And if you haven't made an initial deposit yet on Black Chip Poker, use bonus code VERYJOSIE750 to get a 150% match.

To get in you'll need the password which is pokerbaby !!!

Oh and my plan is to pu a superbounty on my head, as in if you knock out ME I will ship you an extra $10.  The thing is I've never done this on BCP before and I'm not sure if I'm set up for such shiat.  So if I can, I will.  If I cannot, don't bust my balls and think I'm being cheap.  I'll just have to think of some other way to reward you.  ;)  Not that anyone is knocking my ass out.  Nevah happen.  I'm like Mohammad Ali.  I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!  Bzzzzzzzzzzzz


Rob said...

Ok, you siren. As I mentioned earlier, I'm in. Yeah, you got me to sign up and send money to BCP just so I can play with you. Whatever Josie Wants, Josie Gets.

But I'm warning you, if you bust me with Pocket Kings, I'm gonna have to wonder exactly what you offered the electronic dealer for those cowboys!

Josie said...

Sweetie, I don't need pocket kings to bust you. I'll do it with fave hand.

sevencard2003 said...

getting much needed sleep immediately and set my alarm to wake up 11.30 am for binions freeroll, ill have very little sleep, hope i do good. 25,000 freeroll 30 get paid, a chop would be nice. preferably as early as possible. im a short stack. im registered but i might not make it, ill probably fall back to sleep soon as i bust.

Josie said...

Tony, good luck with the free roll!

grrouchie said...

@Tony - you knew you wanted to play the freeroll - why didn't you bother going to sleep at a reasonable hour instead of 8 in the morning?
This way you could be rested and refreshed and on your best game instead of tired and must sleep immediately and making bad plays to either double up or go back to bed?

Anyone up for a last shorter bet? I think I can get knocked out quicker than you can :)

JT88Keys said...

Assuming I can work out how to deposit on BCP after work I'll be playing. I might be a little late joining the game though. Hopefully this isn't one of those sites that boots you if you don't show up during the first level.

Josie said...

Yay JT! :) It's 30 min of late registration so don't be too late!

Anonymous said...

went for a 7 mile run earlier and just ate pasta which tasted pretty damn good on a hungry stomach, instead of candy i am being good and having a couple bananas. now must be immediately grinding hu hyper turbos on stars coz i am slightly tired and dont feel upto playing 100bb hucashaments

making it rain obv xd

(FBOY doin a TBC'esque poast imo)
((gl in teh mtt i wana play but no1 to trade stars manies wif *hint*))

Josie said...

Holy shiat FBoYYYY, a 7 mile run? Sounds like you might need a front...erm I mean back rub. lol jk.

I cannot play on Stars, but maybe someone nice like VegasDWP will trade?

grrouchie said...

@Fboy -
Do you have a visa card? I used my debit and it went through no issues.

I just got back from 45+ minutes at the gym on the elliptical and went 3.5 distance (which, In my own mind just means miles).

I've got a long way to go to get to where you are at, but man does it feel good while working out.

Anonymous said...

My third leg needs a massage IMO Josie

Will have a look at a trade via twoplustwo I got set up wif a bcp account ages ago before the stopped rb (think I got over 40% iirc) never looked into it in the end coz heard bad cashouts?

Anyways gla, hope tbc bubbles xD joke

Grouchi gd work in the gym if u r not sure whether the machines are mph or kmph ask an instructor or walk on the treadmill and judge from that. Btw hope u r keeping some sort of diary it really is a confidence/moral booster when u look back on prior fitness and can lol at ur self =]

Btw hu hypers r the best natural high since shallow heads up PLO on ftp

Fboy obv xxxx

JT88Keys said...

I don't currently have a deposit method either because I don't have a Visa card and Click2Pay won't let me register because I'm in the USA.

Does anybody know if a Visa Gift Card will work? I'll just snag one of those on the way home tonight if it seems like a viable option.

Rob said...

What is the structure for this tournament? For that matter, what is the structure for any BCP tourn? I was playing a few last nite and was surprised the levels were only 7 mins long. Is that the same for yours? Wow that's quick. Usually, it's a woman telling me I'm too quick, not the other way around.

Is there anywhere on BCP that they have structure sheets for their tournaments? I cculdn't find any.

Josie said...

Rob, The blinds go up every 20 minutes, starting with 25/50 and 3,000 in chips.

Memphis MOJO said...

I was playing in a live tournament and missed this . I did go in and find it, but it wouldn't let me watch (that I could see).

Rob said...

All the horrible things said about you, and the only thing that really pissed you off was someone saying you had small boobs????

That's a woman for you!

It was a shame you couldn't chat once you got knocked out. They've got to fix that.