Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kellys Revisited

Sample of their delicacies

Kelly's is a roast beef and fish place and is all sorts of yum.  It's been a staple on Revere Beach for about 100 years and they opened a joint in my town a couple of years ago.  Evan (who I'm not supposed to blog about) and his buddy Nick just HAD to go there last night for dinner so a few of us up and went.

I really think it was all Nick's idea and put Evan up to talking me into it, which is fine....except I'm on a diet, so it wouldn't be the first place I'd pick for dinner, but off we went.

Nick pulled out a ton of change and a couple of crumbled bills to buy what he was craving: an order of cheddar bacon fries and a soda.  The order of fries is HUGE and no one other than that Man vs. Food guy could finish it all.  I told Nick dinner was on me and asked him to order something else to go with it like a burger or chicken strips or fish...but he refused saying all he wanted were the fries.  Fine.  Then Sugar Bear places his order, which was the exact same thing as Nick's.  "Don't you want a burger with that?"  NOPE.

I really wanted him to get DINNER but I let it go.  Cheddar and bacon fries all around!.  The orders show up and they're bigger than my ass (that's big) and uber uber greasy.  Nick tucks right in and is eating like there's no tomorrow.  My picky son eats a few, stops and looks kinda sad.  I ask him if they're too greasy and he agrees they are.  I then re-offer the burger and he's like noooo we already spent money on this.  *sigh*

So I tell him I'll order him the burger and we'll have our own Man VS Food show with Nick as the star.  Let's see if he can eat two orders.  :)  Nick was thrilled....even though he couldn't manage it and was even more thrilled when he found out he could take the rest of the second order home for later.  Everyone was happy!

At this point I head to the ladies room and sitting by the ladies room is Bus Guy! I don't think I've told you about bus guy.  He's this HUGE man, with a bald head and a beard....maybe in his late 30's.  Whats weird about Bus Guy is he's always on my bus.  I get into work earlier than most and he takes the same bus.  I also head out earlier than most and there he is on the bus.  I like him because he minds his own bidness and doesn't try to talk to me when I'm reading or listening to music.  Anyway, I've been seeing him everywhere!  I bumped into him at the coffee shop and I was like "Hey Bus Guy!!!"  When Christmas shopping in TJ Maxx with my sister and son, there was Bus Guy and again I said hello.

So Bus Guy is having dinner with his Bus Wife and his Bus kids...but seeing him makes me stop short and kinda stare I guess.  His wife (who was like a mirror image of me except I'm cuter obv) was staring back at me like wtf do you want.  I was like a deer in the headlights.  Finally I chirped "Bus Guy!" lol and he turned around and said "Hey, Bus Girl, damn  you're everywhere."  He explained this to the wife whose icy stare turned into a smile.  Whew.  Later on Bus Guy walked by our table and we were deep in a serious conversation* so when he said hello the boys were a little shocked.  Later on Evan said "Mom, that's the biggest man I've ever seen.  He's a good friend to have."  Heh.  True dat.  Except he's not my friend - unless nodding at someone every day counts as friendship.

The serious conversation we were friend's mother died yesterday and I was explaining to Evan I'd be going to the wake.  He said "But we don't know her mother, do we?"  I told him that I surely knew her mother even though Evan didn't.

Once in a while I'd go to this friend's house after school and her mom would give us snacks and talk to us.  She was a June Cleaver kind of mom and was always so nice to me.  I know when someone dies people always say the person was kind and nice but she really was.  I try to explain why I'm so sad even though I hadn't seen her in maybe 5 years and Evan doesn't get it.  Then I know how Nick comes over a lot?  Lets say many many years from now I die.  Do you think Nick would be sad that his friend's mom died?  Nick confirms that he would be said....then there's a bit of silence and he added "I would definitely go to your wake."   Cost of gross cheesy fries and soda: $8.  Comment from Nick:  Priceless.



SirFWALGMan said...

I keep getting the Mrs. Robinson vibe here.. I think Nick is a Milf hunter.

Zin said...

Sorry to hear about your mothers friend. But on a good note, did you get to watch the Giant Parade the Superbowl XLVI Champs New York Giants had, i hope you did not miss it, if you missed it that was your 2nd loss in 3 days terrible terrible terrible.

Josie said...

That's because you are whacked and is not reflection of Nick or me.

Go do some dishes Palmolive Boy!

Josie said...

Zin it was my friend's mother but no matter - you got your point across just fine about the parade.

Zin said...

@josie, have a great day Chiquita. The weekend from now on officially starts on Thursday, no more working for zin Thursday-Sunday, hate to do it but someone has to.

Gary said...

People pay respects like this not only because they love the person, but also because they love the people who loved that person. It's a beautiful, honorable thing, IMO.

Josie girl, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Also, did nobody order a crab roll you could steal?

Josie said...

Gary, Funny I have that photo of me taking a giant bite of a kellys crab roll at home. I was bummd I couldn't attach it. I was a very good girl and got a veggie wheat wrap. I didn't even KNOW they sold such stuff at Kelly's.

Cranky said...

VJ - those fries sounded disgusting. Teenage boys will eat anything!

Josie said...

Cranky they were so gross. I like fries as much as the next person, but they should be greasy, these were bathed in cheesy sauce so they were very soggy AND greasy.

Mikeg5162000 said...

Best quote ever from Entourage;
Tom Brady to Turtle:"I know I know you from somewhere"
Turtle:"I don't know Tom, I was at the Giant Super Bowl parade. Was it there?"

grrouchie said...

I kinda feel like I want to eat these fries.
However, I am on a diet as well, so i'm just going to dream about a salad instead.
At least I'm thinking about eating healthy.