Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Re-Entry VS. Re-Buy

Does anyone know about re-entry tournaments?  I'm thinking of playing one in the wsop circuit that's going around and I don't really understand the difference.

There is an Event 2A, then an Event 2B on the following day, and then day 3 after that.  So I'm guessing if I bust out of Event 2A, I can play 2B the next day.  Unlike a rebuy, where you can just buy back in immediately.  Do the people that DIDN'T bust out of 2A also play 2B or do they just wait for day 3?

Also, what are the best strategies for playing this type of tournament?

I'm thinking this type of tournament would be good for my aggressive style as I'd have a safety next to get back in if I went too crazy....but is uberaggressive the best mode for this tournament?

I know NOTHING and I need to know EVERYTHING. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Spank you very much.

And since I'm asking questions - an interesting situation came up during my league finale game.  They were down to 3 peeps, two shorties and a big stack. Let's say prizes were 1K, 600 and 200 for third.  One of the shorties wanted a deal that whoever wound up 2nd and 3rd they'd split 2nd and 3rd prize for 400each.  The chipleader woudn't agree to this.  Then the 2 shorties said they'd agree to it among themselves regardless of what the chipleader thought - assuming the 2 shorties didnt win, obv.  Can they make that sort of agreement, without all 3 being in agreement?  They DID.  I just wonder if such an agreement would be kosher in a real poker room.

Play smart.



Grange95 said...

I don't know if non-unanimous deals are kosher under TDA rules, but I'd bet they are fairly common, though likely behind the scene handshake arrangements. Personally, I say let them make the deal as long as everyone is aware ofit to prevent claims of collusion and chip dumping.

SirFWALGMan said...

I would assume it would be alright.. collusion would be avoided because they are only splitting if they finish 2nd and 3rd.. so first place gets what he wants and does not have to pay into it.. I would think there might be a problem if they said "If we take 1st and 2nd then lets split".. cause then they would both be scheming against the first place guy..

Re-entry.. re-buy.. I hate them all. Just play good the first time. :). A kid just won the WSOP in Florida on a re-entry. He busted out day 1A and won from day 1B. Beat a girl on the final table so it was not tough or anything. XD.

Josie said...

I dislike rebuys and I've never played a reentry - it may be the perfect tourney for me although bounty tourneys have been good for me in the past.

If a kid can do it, I can do it.

KenP said...

Side deals aren't really enforceable by "management" decision. It is a matter of trust.

I commented on rebuys recently in a Mojo comment:

I've also talked about the subject in past blogs. You could search.

Reentry is a recent phenomenon. It covers a defined period -- often the first hour/blind. Doing A then B is subject to house rules and will vary based on that. At least that's my understanding. The main event doesn't provide for that and eliminates buying a second day.

Josie said...

GRANGE, WE ARE FIGHTING! lol jk frigging spanish inquisition!

Josie said...

Ken, im not interested in rebuys only reentry tourneys. :(

Grange95 said...

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Sorry you ran into it. Those guys are luckboxes who need to catch hands like the Inquisition to have a chance against you. :-)

Cranky said...

VJ - think of reentries as a second chance in a freezeout tourney (the kind you normally play). If you go out on the first day you wait and start back up on the second day. You start out fresh just like anyone who buys in only for the second day. If you survive the first day, you skip the B day.

Josie said...

Cranky, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh So if I do the reentry (not that ill need to) i will not be up against the stacks from 2A, right? NICE.

Every play one? Strategy any diff?

Josie said...

@grange, alright you're forgiven...but only because you're cute!

lightning36 said...

I think the Very Josie, probably as well as any other recent private tournament, was an example of the order of finish being as close to the correct order based on level of poker skills. And no ... I do not mean in reverse order. I think Rob would agree with me ... : o )

Zin said...

@josie, i believe Re entry is a tournament where one is able to re enter the tournament if one busts out with in the 1st 4 levels of the tourney or the levels set buy the tournament officials, you cannot re enter in day 1b or day 2 if i am correct.

Anonymous said...

I have only played reentry so far, it sucks to play them, here in Borgata they will have reentries upto 6 levels and shorties will push with any two cards and suck out :)

The big difference i know between Re-Buy and Re-Entry is that you pay the rake again in the reentry and in rebuy u do not. Also in reentry you will be given a different table/seat. More details here in this link,

- Pokerished

Josie said...

Thanks zin!

@pokerished, thanks very much for the link - very very helpful. sounds like good action - this is at ac but not borgata - ceasars. TYVM

Drizztdj said...

Online its all agree or no agree. I would expect the same for live tourneys but as mentioned, no one is going to a gentlemen's agreement off-the-books.

Cranky said...

VJ - despite the differences in Zin's answer and mine, it turns out we're both right. There are two different models of re-entry tourneys. In one model, you can buy in immediately after you bust out if the re-entry period is still open. In the other, you only enter in once on the 2nd day. My guess is, because this is an A and B tourney, that it's the latter model.

I think the key here is that you're stuck in a longer tourney since a lot of players will reenter. Play on day 2 will just like a freezeout tourney.

Anonymous said...

some reentries can be fucking sick like the ones in la with unlimited re entries b4 a certain day, u need to find out the specifics otherwise it could just be like a rebuy

i assume u know but rebuys have their own strat, dump ai 3 way hope to tripple up, if not..double rebuy and rinse/ budget for 5 buy ins if want to go down that line i personally fucking hate them and prefer 1-2rebuy and 1 addon

best to find out but gl


ps loldonkaments

Memphis MOJO said...

I've played recently in a re-entry tournament and it was as Cranky described.

Day 1 plays until they reach a pre-determined number of players. Day 2 has all new players (or ones who busted out in day 1) and they play to whatever level and minutes that they did in day 1.

On day 3, they combine all the players who survived day 1 or day 2. Your chips stack is whatever you had when play ceased, so that is fair for all.

I think tournaments like this are +EV because so many players enter both days and they are often the weaker players. Weaker players putting more money in the prize pool is exactly what you want.

They often do a tournament of this type on the first two days (usually Friday and Saturday) to pull players in. Those who can't make it by Friday can still play in the first event and it's a big one (money-wise).

Josie said...

Mojo ty. That's gives me a much clearer picture of the situation. Very much appreciated. The more I hear. The more I want to try it.

Rob said...

Lightning, I do indeed agree. I know I surprised everyone, especially Josie, with my heretofore hidden skills. I purposely only blog about the hands that make me look like a donkey (there are so many of those).

grrouchie said...

What everyone else said, but with a better smile.

grrouchie said...

I re-entered once, but it wasn't as pleasant as the first time.

Have you decided how you are going to tackle this beast yet? Or what the actual re-entry rules are?
Is it within so many levels or can you jump into the 2nd day if you busted the 1st day?

Looking forward to you taking this beast down!

Anonymous said...

sup josie FBOY here

just making a request for more pics of josie in teh next blog post =(

Josie said...

lol grrouchie, you can enter once on friday (that's what she said) and ifyou get knocked out, you can enter one other time on saturday and final game is sunday. not sure about strategy but im very stoked to play this.

lol fboy, funny you should mention it, my sister cut my hair last night and i took some pictures this morning to send my friend - i suppose i could post my hair pics. :)

Rob said...

grrouchie, I agree, when I re-entered, it wasn't as good as the first time.

However, the tournament seemed to enjoy it more on the second time, and I have to admit, I did last quite a bit longer that second time.

Memphis MOJO said...

when and where is this tourney?

Josie said...

Mojo, Caesar's Palace, Atlantic City in March.