Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pictures and Poker UPDATED

I found my tourney!  It starts at 9:30 Eastern Time.  $44 Buyin Deepstack, Guaranteed $3,500 and it's tourney # 48852082.  Maybe if you're watching I'll play smart.  I'm VeryJosie (surprise surprise) on BCP.

As promised, this is me and my new haircut waiting for the bus this morning.  I dunno if straightening my hair makes it toooo flat.  As I said I might let it go a little wild and poofy like the good ole days.

My sister got me the scarf for Christmas. 
It's cashmere and awesomely soft.  Oh and it also happens to be the color of my blog! 

Note the cruddy graffiti at the bus stop.

In work!  You can see my plant behind me!

As I said, I'm playing a tournament tonight on BCP.  As soon as I figure out which one, I'll update this post with the information.  See ya tonight!  BTW I've already taken the necklace and eaarings off and soon enough the yellow blouse will be replaced by a Papelbon sweatshirt!  Oh Paps!  I miss you already.  :(

Play smart.



grrouchie said...

I'm doing taxes tonight - you are probably envious!!!

Josie said...

Blah!!! I hope you're using TurboTax - make it so easy a grrouchie can do it. *fingers crossed* for a refund.

grrouchie said...

Lol - yeah.
I'm using Turbotax which is pretty much what I stared using after I gave up on doing everything by hand with pen/paper/IRS forms out the wazoo!

Luckily I made it so that both parties ended up with a refund and no one owed after withdrawing from our 401k's for money down on the house.

Go me! Next year I'm getting a big ole fat refund dammit!

Josie said...

TY Mr. Derbyshire UK! You're so sweet and refreshing. xoxo Nice going in your MTT's too!

Anonymous said...

didnt read just in for teh pics


u know who u remind me of? that fucking minx hottie from mel gibson lolromcom movie what women want - marisa tomei (imdb informs me)

my fave pic:

FBoy imo

Josie said...

LOL FBoy. TY I think! I have a feeling both Marissa and I are too old for you, little boy.

Anonymous said...

o wow XD