Friday, September 3, 2010

Worst Bubble Ever

I played this MTT tourney today. 21 players.  1st place only wins the prize which is a $216 tourney ticket.  The buy in was 2,000 full tilt points.  Points I've been saving FOR EVER.

I was chip leader for the entire game....down to heads up and I lost.  Now he was the chip leader and I flop trip 7s.

He jams all in after the flop and I happily call.  I will have the chip lead again when I win this hand.  Then he catches runner, runner to make a straight.

Like a kick in the stomache.

2nd out of 21...and I win nothing....and get runner runnered.  That's bad.

Play smart.



Rakewell said...

That's pretty gross. Ain't it great to have a blog to vent about such things?

BTW, if you want to capture just the active window instead of your whole screen, you can use ALT-PrntScrn. Even better, a cheap utility like SnagIt or HyperSnap (which I use) gives you all sorts of options on what to grab, what form to grab it in, etc.

Thorn said...

That sucks! If it's any consolation, it makes us people who didn't get sucked out on for a $216 prize feel much better about our little suck-out losses (yeah cash games).

Also, I do follow your blog, but I subscribed via Google Reader. If you think the blog list it shows in my profile is complete... well... let's just say it isn't even close haha.

Josie said...

Well Thorny, glad to hear you follow. I may get off my lazy ass and write up a post....been lagging all weekend.

PokahDave said...

oooof...I hate those satellites...nice run though...

Bayne_S said...

Google putting the Williamsville Wellness Center compulsive gambling ad above this post is too awesome

Josie said...

Bayne you should check that ad out!