Friday, September 24, 2010

Girls Sleep Over

This weekend (which starts Friday night) is my annual weekend away with the girls!  Woo Hoo!  We rent a big kick ass house in Hampton Beach, and hang out together for the weekend.  It's after Labor Day so there isn't alot going on there, but we sure had a blast drinking all night and playing games.

Here's the lineup:

Lisa - One of my best friends from high school. 
Rene - Ditto - We were a dynamic trio.
Kathy - Another friend from high school but a year  younger than "us"
Kim - Rene's sister - one year younger
Christine - Rene's other sister - a couple years younger (and oh so available boys!!!!) Hmmm perhaps I'll post photos.
Marie - A really good friend who turned 50 last year.
Very Josie - The life of the party!

These chicks don't drink, except for Kathy, God bless her.  Christine does too, but she only went for Friday night last year, and I only went for Saturday night.  I heard Friday night was boring and lemme tell you, Saturday night was anything but.

After we got back from dinner, we started drinking games and board games.  Women who never drink get hammered awfully fast.  Kim didn't drink. Oh and Kim happens to swear like a sailor.  So when she left the room I told all the girls that whenever Kim said the word "fuck" we all had to take a drink.  Kim did not disappoint.  Neither did the other girls for that matter.  (I need to come up with a new drinking game for this weekend - any ideas??)

Marie, who turned 50 that weekend was trying on all the trashy lingerie we got her, while we took pics. 

And boy did we take pics.

Boob shots of everyone - some girls couldn't even use their cameras. They were that hammered.  Let's just leave it at that.  Oh and there was some drunk dialing too - ugh.

Unfortunately, I have to work Friday morning, but I should be in Hampton Beach by Friday evening to partay!

Saturday morning, I'm predicting



KenP said...

Damn, Waffles and I bought black balaclavas and night scopes for a bit of lurking and got the date wrong.

Josie said...

LOL Ken If you guys show up and you'll be leaving with a bunch of one dollar bills!

BamBam said...

You're there right now I'll assume but then again, pics or it didn't happen!

(see "boob shots" above)


Have a blast, be one or better still, BOTH!

Josie said...

BamBam, I got pics!