Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guess Who Just called Me?

No, not Tim Wakfield, although I suspect he'll have plenty of time to give me a ring pretty soon.  And no it wasn't Tom Brady, Mario Lopez or Rob Thomas.  Now that I've gotten my fantasies out of the way, it was even better than that.

Mikey called me from Intensive Care! 

Before we get into the phone call, let me just say he had to go through the crazy receptionist to get to me.  Ugh.  He has a history with her.  Last time he called he started the conversation with, "What's up with that crazy biatch answering your phone?  Next time I call I'm going to say I'm Art Vandalay"

He's sounds great!  Just like the old Mikey, but a wee bit tired.  Cracking jokes and making me laugh, and making me swoon with that deep Southern voice.

He thinks he'll be moved from Intensive Care to a regular room this afternoon and most likely will be going home in a day or two.  He says they want him to go home because he's very suseptible to infection right now so the hospital is probably the worst place to be.  (I betcha the insurance company agrees!) 

Mikey still plans on going on his much anticipated cruise at the end of October. He was joking about all the money he'll save on the cruise, as he won't be able to drink as much as he planned.
He said that if 100% is perfect he's at about 12% right now, but just grateful to be here.  The doctors told him that he might not survive the operation.  He said taking that last breath before they put him out was the scariest moment of his life.  He didn't know if he'd wake up again or not.

Poor baby.

But there's a lesson to be learned here. Don't take life for granted. Embrace each day for the gift that it is. I know I usually don't do that. In fact I do quite the opposite sometimes. Maybe this is the wake up call I needed....that we all need.



Memphis MOJO said...

You should end the post with "Live smart" instead of play smart. You're sure right that we take things for granted.

Josie said...

Mojo, Just did it. Great idea - didn't feel right writing play smart at the end of the post.