Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Pictures on Friday

I have a half written post about me that I just don't like so instead, I'll post some random pictures.  Won't that be fun???  Um when I say random, I really mean kinda weird too.  :)  Here we go!

Sugar Bear building an igloo

This is kinda hard to see but a hawk landed in our back yard with his lunch.

Me with the work biatch at the holiday party

Black Men and Lesbian game

Sugar Bear and Cricket wrestling - note Crickets leg!

This is Ass Chin. 
He plays in my live game.  Isn't he the cutest thing ever?  He's wearing Cricket's hat in this pic because I paid him to.  I wonder what else I could pay him to do! 

Obviously I paid Jew Boy $1.25 to wear the hat too.

The Mayor from my home game.
He wouldn't whore himself out wear the hat for $1.25.
The Mayor protects Jew Boy like a she lion protects her cub.  Oh and he hates me.
(or does he?  just cuz he says he does....bah)

Magic Trick - Sugar Bear cut himself in half!

Evan in the outfield
(he won't play little league anymore tho) *sob*

Me and Dustin Pedroia at Spring Training 2007
Shitty pic but I'm posting it cuz I'm BLONDE.  Takes alot of bleach to make me blonde.

Sugar Bear with Doug Flutie
On the Green Monster at Fenway

This was about 5 years ago - We had monster seats and my friend Brian spotted Doug Flutie up there!  Brian tried to take his picture but Flutie said NO.  Then as Flutie was walking by, he saw Evan, grabbed Evan by shoulders and said to me, you want to our picture together?
I was like hell ya!  Evan was like, who the heck is this guy?

Brian took the picture and happily cut Evan out - but sent me the whole thing.

Me and Jew Boy

Speaking of Jew Boy....I'm meeting up with Jew Boy today.  He's doing me about 3 or 4 favors (thank you sweetie!) and then we are heading up to new hampshire to play in the 4;30pm $70 tournament.  Stories and pictures to follow!

I plan on winning today.  Fuck this losing shit.  It sucks.

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

The biatch looks like a horse.

lightning36 said...

Sheesh -- Waffles and I think alike sometimes!

Josie said...

Well make that 3 of us! Seriously, you could land a plane in that mouth.

Memphis MOJO said...

wonder what else I could pay him to do!

Probably wouldn't have to pay him.

GL at the tournament today! I expect a winner.