Thursday, September 23, 2010

Middle School Sucks

Sugar Bear is in 7th grade and comes home daily with complaints about how mean the teachers are.  It got me to thinking about when I was in Middle School...which was called Junior High back then.

I was a very studious, very shy, very small little girl.  I didn't speak up much but always got the top grades in my classes, and I never got in trouble....well not never...

I remember getting into trouble 3 times during my junior high experience and all three times was due to mean teachers.  I think the meanest teachers can be found in middle school.  Those who teach elementary grades seemed nice enough, and high school teachers are cool - it's those damn middle school ones. 

So Junior High School , maybe 1979.  I was in 8th grade and had the same English teacher that I had for 7th grade.  Nasty Mr. Rosino (i wish he was reading this!)

He was a lazy ass teacher and I got all A's from him in 7th grade.  He did the minimal and I believe spent an entire quarter on SPELLING.  In middle school I could spell as well as I spell today so his classes were not challenging and English was always my best subject.

When I got him again for 8th grade he suggested I ask my guidance counsellor to change my English class as as he put it "Eight grade English curriculum will be exactly the same as the 7th grade course."

What a fucking lazy bastard. 

I'm talking about me!  I thought "Oooo another no effort class. I'm staying put!"

And that's what I did.

But 8th grade English was a little different because Patrick H was sitting directly in front on me in English class and he would turn around and chat with me through the whole class!  He was super smart, had the dreamiest blue eyes (which I am a sucker for) and I had a super crush on him.  Believe me, I wasn't transferring out of this class.

Like I said, I was very shy and didn't talk in class at all, but with Patrick, I'd talk whenever he'd turn around and grace me with those baby blues.

Mr. Rosino didn't like this one bit!  I'm sure he saw a girl not paying attention (to what!) and chatting alot.  So we got spoken to alot but we just kept on chatting, ignoring him, and acing our tests.  Have I mentioned that Patrick was super smart?  *sigh*  Then Mr. Rosino got mean.

He told Patrick that whenever he caught him turned around, talking to me, he would take one grade point average off my final grade for the quarter.  Now Patrick didn't want me getting in that kind of trouble so the chatting lessened, but we still got caught.  Damn!!  I was very upset....until....

Mr. Rosino says I had 100 average for the quarter and it just went down to 99. BFD I was thinking.  Even if my average goes down to 90, I'll still get an A.  Hmmm that means I can get caught talking 9 more times for the quarter and still get an A!

And that's how the year went.  I made sure I got 100s and kept on chatting.  It didn't effect my A's.

But Me and Patrick - you wouldn't believe what happened.

We got to be really good friends - the kind that you talk to about everything - we'd read the same books - we were like peas and carrots.

At the time I had this good friend Maria.  Maria was in remedial classes (Patrick and I were in honors) but she was alot of fun and very loud - we were a good combo.  We even looked alike - italian, long brown hair, but honestly, I was a pretty little thing and she had buck teeth.

Well one day I'm going through my classes with Patrick, and then met Maria for lunch like I always did, and lo and behold Patrick was sitting with her when I arrived.  Obv, he wants to eat lunch with me (Ithought).  But no.  When I said Hi, Maria tells me that Patrick just asked her out.....(he hardly knew her!)  I felt like I got punched in the stomache.

I couldn't understand and still don't why he'd ask her out when he and I were soulmates in my mind. (or whatever the equivilant is for 8th graders)  I mean we looked exactly alike except I didn't have buck teeth and she was dumb like a stump.  She really was.

But I'd eat lunch with them every day and pretend everything was just fine.  Talk about heartbroken.  I should've talked to him and asked him why.  Honestly, she was loads of fun, and maybe that's more appealing than discussing The Crucible.

Funny enough, about 2 years ago I ran into Maria at Sears.  I was in the lingerie department and she was working there.  She recognized me and said hello but I had no idea who the hell she was.  She was about 90 lbs, platinumn blonde and with BIG implants.  Oh and no buck teeth.  Well, at least I used to be prettier than her.  lol



KenP said...

Well done, Lisa. Nice you got your hair straightened.

Josie said...

LOL - aren't you the funny one Ken!