Thursday, September 9, 2010


Very Josie

I just finished breakfast and I'm feeling like a slug.  Did I have a protein shake, like I had been?  Perhaps a whole grain english muffin or fruit? Nope.  A muffin.  A coffee cake muffin, which was pretty much covered in cinnamon goodness. *burp*

Not only that but I haven't exercised AT ALL for the past week.  Nada, after working out like 5 days a week for the past few weeks.  I don't seem to have any motivation at all.

Then I read Waffles' blog about how he's completed his couch to 5k he runs whether it's 95 degrees out or pouring raining.  Nothing seems to stop him. (except high school football players)  So why can't I have that kind of dedication? It's never raining or 95 degrees in my living room!

It's not like I don't have motivation.  Baggy clothes are a great motivation.  Even the biatch in work told me I looked like I lost weight.  Well what she actually said was...nothing at first - she started gesticulating...waving her hands around her face and torso and pointing at me while saying "Good!".  I didn't really know what she meant at first, as I never got a compliment from her before, so I was like HUH????

She amended her comment to "You're looking good".  Hmmm the more I think about maybe she didn't tell me that I looked like I lost weight, but!!!!  When someone tells you you're looking good, odds are it's because you've lost weight.  Face isn't quite as puffy full....they may not know why  you look better but you do!

I swore I WASN'T going to mention this but I will.  THE MOOKIE.  I was out by 10:20pm.  Okay if you wanna skip the bitch session that's about to start I certainly understand. (I'd kinda also understand if you stopped reading after "I'm feeling like a slug")

Mookie - I really didn't feel like playing/losing but I changed my mind at the last minute and joined on up.  Prior to The Dank, I played a small stakes tourney.  Card dead, till I get pocket sevens.  Flop is 7 high with one club.  Villian bets, I raise and he jams all in.  AWESOME.  Except he has 2 clubs and catches runner, runner for a flush and I am out.

Mookie was the SAME EXACT THING.  Lightning (no not you lightbulb) can strike twice in the same place. I'm playing along and I have about 3,300 chips and look down at 5,5.  I raise and some asshole reraises to 480.  I almost fold and yes I know it's a bad call but I call.  Flop is 5,A,X with 2 clubs.  Asshole bets, I raise and he jams all in.  Hee Hee - He's got a big ace I figure and instacall.  He flips over AK and one is a club.  Yay!  Not even a flush draw!  club on the turn. club on the river.  Josie stunned in her chair at 10:20pm.

Then I log onto IM to complain to Waffles and he's not even there.  Well that skinny fucker can kiss my ass.

Also, there was a bit of chat with Pushmonkey in those 20 minutes I played the dank.  He kept saying that I don't pay my bets.  WTF!  He said it maybe 3 times.  I was/am devastated.  If I make a bet I pay up.  I may be a bitch but sheesh I wouldn't do that!  Then I start thinking maybe I FORGOT about a bet - but I have NEVER had a bet with PushMonkey (what a bad player btw).  So I ask him if maybe we had a bet that I had forgotten.  Heck I forget things - but usually not bets.

He says I put a bounty on  him...yeah that sounds like me.....but no one took him out so he should get the bounty.  Ummmm if that's true then I send him some money.  Should I pay him the bounty because no one took him out?  I really don't think so but maybe that's some blogger rule that I don't know about?  It's not about the money - I just don't like him saying things like that at the table.  I was this close to saying he had a 3" dick - see how he likes people saying untrue things about him...but then I thought - what if it's true.  :)

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

Um, I could be wrong, but I do not think you get to collect your own bounty unless it is pre-specified...

Josie said...

Well Skinny, it certainly wasn't specified....and then the bastard says "I don't want your money - I just want to bustem them on you whenever I see you." I dunno.

Bayne_S said...

Hoy put a bounty on me during the 1st BBT (conditional on me busting before the points)

He shipped me the bounty when I took down the tourney

Josie said...

Wow - so you can play poker Bayne? Who knew! :P

I suppose it makes sense - I'll make this a learning experience. IMHO sending bounty $$ to someone who just won first place in a tourney is like overkill - he's the one guy who doesn't need it.

Thanks for the input.

Bayne_S said...

Josie said...

Wow - Do those "points" equal dollars? Impressive. and who is sprtstoner? (the other guy circled)

PLO is your game huh? It is kinda fun....but not profitable for me.

Bayne_S said...

Points are awarded for top 15% in tourney. Negative points if bottom 85%. Top 3 spots mean a lot more points than any other finish. I am pretty sure I won the 0045 $55 PLO "tourney" a few times. There wwas one 3 week period where I won it 5 times.

sprstoner's blog is linked in blog roll but he does not blog often anymore. He does have a 3rd in WSOP prelim event.

PLO has become push and pray like Hold'em recently,

My biggest tourney win remains 2 week trip to Australia and entry in Aussie Millions.

I peaked early in career and now can not find the anger that gave me focus.

lightning36 said...

Looks like people are catching on to you, Josie. Slowly but surely.


Josie said...

wowowowowow Bayne. That is amazing! You really think it was anger that gave you focus? I doubt that. I think anger = tilt. I hope you're still playing PLO - think I'm gonna play a game right now - you inspired me.

Lightning, bite me.