Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poker Baby

Who's up for another multi table tourney?  I'm hoping frigging PushMonkey is!  That bad little monkey put a bounty on me Monday night.  The bastard.  Since he's never played my tourney, I may have to play the mookie tonight to exact my revenge.


I most likely will not be playing that, as I will be kicking ass in The Very Josie!

It's tonight baby!

9pm ET

Password is.........................pokerbaby.

Tournament #180637287

Just look for moi.  I'm the girl in the devil horns and bikini, but my mom thinks I'm an angel.  Come on by and play.  Mama needs your chips.

I'm just about to jump in the shower and head for work.  Work's been getting to me lately  yesterday.  You guys know about the biatch I can't stand, right?

Here's a quick recap.

She's a biatch.  She thinks she shits ice cream and she was the reason my girl Jenny lost her job.  And most recently - about 6 weeks ago, she went into a board meeting and talked trash about ME.  Of course I heard about it, lambasted her and she apologized profusely.

Since then I have been usual professional self but lets just say I wouldn't pee on her if she were on fire....hmmm but if she weren't on fire, I could come up with something.

Yesterday, I'm in work doing my thang, and I need to see her new assistant.  (she goes through assistants like nobody's business).  So I call her assistant Mary on the phone.  When you call someone in the office, it's not like the phone rings.  Your voice appears on their intercom.  So I call over and say "Mary, can you pick up?"  Nothing.

I buzz her again.  "Mary!  Are you there?"  Nope.  I wait a few minutes and try AGAIN with no success.  Fuck!  I know she's in the office and I need her to finish up something.

So I PAGE her.  I never, ever use the paging system.

"Mary please call 116.  Mary, 116 PLEASE!"

Mary buzzes me.  She's been in the biatch's office, which is RIGHT NEXT TO HER DESK.  She must've heard me buzzing her if she was that close!  wtf!  But whatever!  I tell Mary that I need to see her in my office right now and she says okay.

Now I'm waiting to complete something that other people are waiting for and need to see Mary first.

And I wait.

And I wait.

No Mary.

Ummm really?

Now I buzz the Biatch's office.  "Biatch (that's REALLY her name) is Mary in your office?"

"Oh yes Josie, I was just about to send her over."  What a passive aggressive fuck.

"Can you send her now?  I need her for just a minute Biatch!"

And I'm waiting again.  Seriously.  I'm done.  I'm about to page the Mary again but I see her emerge from the biatch's office and making her way over...but the Biatch calls her back.

Now it's not like I bother either of these women hardly ever.  I'm just trying to do my work, but fuck this shit.  Unfortunately Mary who's kinda nice finally makes it over while I'm seething.

"Did you hear me calling you for the last 20 minutes?"  "Yes but I was with Biatch."  I explain THAT DOESN'T MATTER.  If I need you or anyone enough TO PAGE YOU, that means respond.  That's common courtesy.  That's office protocol.  If you paged me, I'd respond to you.

She was very sorry.  I feel very sorry that she has to work with the Biatch but she's only a temp.  The funny thing is Biatch feels like the entire office doesn't like her.  And she's right.  You can only treat people like donkeys for so long.

Last week she complained about the crazy receptionist.  I can surely understand that, but the way she does it makes me want to shank her.  She told me and someone else, that coffee sometimes isn't full when she comes in in the morning.  (she strolls in after 10am every day)

I explained that its not a huge office and it's not in the receptionists job description to make coffee.  Every who drinks it makes it when it's empty.  She says receptionist should just keep filling it.  Okay....I can kinda see that.....then she says "lower staff needs to support upper staff so I can be freed up to blah blah blah".  Did she really talk about "lower staff"?  Who the fuck is she?  The queen?  She sure acts like one.

Then she says she wants to see the receptionists job description.  That way she can hound her about the stuff on her list.

"Um No." I say.


It's not your job to hound the receptionist.  That's her supervisor's job.  YOU HAVE AN ASSISTANT.  Have your assistant fill your paper trays. (something else she wanted the receptionist to do for her)  But really.  Your goddam printer runs out of paper and you can't fill it yourself Queen Biatch?

That girl is lucky she's only temporary.

So anyway, I gotta deal with this biatch every day.  Dontcha feel bad for me?  Dontcha wanna let me take my frustrations out on you tonight?  Yes?

Then play The Very Josie!!!! 

Tonight.  9pm.


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