Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Away

First of all, the pictures are home and I'm in work, so I'll post pics tonight to go with this recap.

We ended up having 6 women and one no show bitch (just kidding Christine).  We stayed in a huge apartment on Hampton Beach.  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen, dining room and huge living room.  Because it was off season we got the place for $250 per night. It as awesome.

Friday night, we just hung around and played some games - we didn't get there till like 9pm and everyone was tired.  I had only ONE drink Friday night which disappointed the women greatly, but I made up for it Saturday night.  The most fun for them is when I have a few too many - I make them do things they'd never do.  I'm a baaaaaad influence.  Last year, I posed them in sexy poses, opened their tops and got xrated photos.

Mind you, most of these women do not drink at all.  Them having one drink was a big deal.  I made them a cocktail called a creamsicle and went a little heavy on the vodka.  :)  I figured if they were only having one, why not - plus they are sooo sicky sweet, I didn't think Marie and Rene would notice.  Wrong!!!

All I heard was "I can taste the alcohol in this drink!".  lol 

Saturday we got up, had breakfast and got presents from Marie and Kim.  They made us all matching t-shirts. OMFG.  I shit you not...and yes I have pictures.  They insisted we wear them when we went out Saturday night.  Now we were planning on getting a little dolled up Saturday night, so a couple of the women were not too thrilled but fashion be damned!!!

We each got a different color tshirt with the same picture on the front - a picture of 7 women, with the title "Gathering of the Goddesses" emblazoned across the chest.  FML (waffles did I use the fml correctly?)

It was 88 degrees and sunny Saturday so we spent the day on the beach. (pics to follow)  Marie who was turning 51 years young decided she wanted to cross something off her bucket list, which fly a kite.  Fuck me.  lol She had NEVER done that.  That woman needs to spice up her bucket list.

But fly a kite she did.  She was running up and down the beach like nobody's business - you can bet ur ass I have pics of that.  btw the women kinda know I have a poker blog - although they do not have the address.  As I took pics I mentioned that I'd be posting them here and they're cool with it.  Nothing bad - no boobie pictures like usual. 

The closest we came to boobie pictures is this:  One girl brought the fixings for ice cream sundaes. (I love these women!!!) and one of the things she brought was waffle bowls to put the sundaes in.  I told them that I know this guy named Waffles and I wanted someone to wear the waffle bowls on their boobies for a picture to post here.  Cool idea right? Waffle Boobs!  But the picture ended up being too um, revealing, and she didn't want it shared.  Wimp!  I mean I didn't even insist she use the chocolate sauce or whipped cream!

Then I proceeded to get hammered Saturday night, but i was the only one.  All the other women had one drink or none. (kim and lisa)  I had alot of margaritas.  Kathy was my bartender.  Unfortunately I spilled a full one on the carpet.  Yuck. Then we played games and I gave everyone manicures and pedicures  - HOT PINK.  And we laughed our asses off.

Sunday was shopping and then home.

Such a blast.  Next year the plan is matching pajamas.  At least I won't have to go out in public with them on.  I think.

Pictures will be posted tonight.



Piotr said...

Great blog!:) I haven't read all posts yet but I will try - today, at work , I had nothing important to do so I have spent this time on your blog:) I will take in from time to time. Thanks for sunday poker match:)See you on FullTilt.

best regards

Josie said...

Hey It's My Nightmare from last night!!!

I was playing a heads up game (a pricey one!) with YourNightmare99 last night, and omg it lasted forever. So very challenging - unlike the guys I usually play with. Obv, I won. But we started with 3k and I had him down to maybe 400 a few times, but he kept coming back. After I kicked his ass I sent him the link to my blog.

Nightmare, I host a private tourney on full tilt - NEXT wednesday at 9pm ET - it's ALOT of fun - you should play. The info is in the pink box on my blog - thanks for reading!!!! and thanks for the cash. :)

lightning36 said...

$10 bucks says that Waffles was still fuming but read your blog and ... uh ... looks like a mess for the au pair to clean up!

Josie said...


Ewwwww Poor au pair.

Memphis MOJO said...

Can't wait to see the pics.