Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football??

I sure am ready for some football.  After a lifetime of being oblivious to it, I really got into the NFL 3 years ago....and I've been jonesing for some football all summer.

Why you ask?

Cuz of my two favorite things....trash talking and money.

I'm in a league - no not a fantasy football league. I dropped them this year after being in 2 in prev years.  The league I'm in is called Pick The Pros and here's how it works.

There are 16 games (usually).  You have to pick the winner of each NFL game and then you have to assign it a number between 1-16, with 16 being what you think is the most likely winner - 1 being the one you are least confident in.  If you picked a winner you get the points you assigned to it.  Whoever gets the most points after MNF is the weekly winner - winner take all.

Then some money is put aside for the end of the year.  Whoever has most points at the end of the year wins the grand prize.

This is the 4th year I'm playing. 

The first year I knew NOTHING about Football (I pretty much still don't) but joined on a lark.  My friend was joining and I started spouting shit off like "I can win even though I don't know anything about it."

Now other than Brian I knew NO ONE in this league so I really let the trash talking fly.  And then I won a week!  And then I won another....And then I won FOR THE YEAR!  I shiat you not!

2nd year, Brian used a pissy excuse not to play.  Not only did I win from the league but we (brian and I) had a weekly side bet:  loser paid for the other's weekly entry.  He paid for most of my entries.  :)  I think that's why he dropped out.

So 2nd year.  I win a couple of weeks and when I don't win I usually ALMOST win. (remember the weekly thing is winner take all)  Anyway I won for the year AGAIN.  2 time champion!!!!

Year 3 (last year) Same shit, different year.  Great group of guys but the commish makes a change to the game.  No end of year Grand Prize.  WTF!  I swear it's because I won it for the last 2 years and it's a pretty big prize that they just TOOK AWAY.  I played and yes I won for they YEAR AGAIN.  Hat trick baby!  But no moolah.

Remember Adam - coworker that plays The Very Josie as 1racerx.  He joined last year thinking he would crush me.  First week or 2 I didn't do so well.  Adam proposes a big end of year side bet that I take as there is no end of year prize.  Then he says he wants to give me some points because he sooo fucking good at this shit.  I smile and say sure!  By week 7 I am ahead of him and give him back the points.  I annihilate him and everyone in the league.  Not only that but Adam replaces Brian as my weekly side bet....just like having a sugar daddy pay for my entry fee.

But after last year, I told them I wouldn't be playing anymore.  No end of year prize means NO JOSIE.  I really felt (and still feel) that the change was intentional and because of me.  Not cool.

Surprise, surprise!  This year The Grand Prize is back, albeit changed.  New guy took over the league and he set 3 prizes for end of year.  1st, 2nd and 3rd.  That's cool with me so I'm in.

Here are some of the comments posted by the new commissioner and we haven't even started playing:

Let the trash talk begin (and, most importantly, do NOT let Josie win!)...

Great!!!yeah, you''re in (can barely type this cuz i'm shaking so much at the mere thought you actually signed in!!!) - Okay maybe this is creepy

yeah, yeah, whatever ... i'll let you bask in your moment for now...because soon, it will all come crashing down on you... this is my house now so, it will be particularly gratifying when i win Week 1, and i specifically take YOUR entry fee and spend it lavishly all in one place oh yeahhhh !!!!

Poor guy.  You know I'm gonna burst THAT bubble.



Memphis MOJO said...

this is my house now so, it will be particularly gratifying when i win Week 1, and i specifically take YOUR entry fee and spend it lavishly all in one place oh yeahhhh !!!!

Ok to talk the talk if you can back it up, poor guy. GL.

Josie said...

LOL You're right MOJO - especially considering the horrible year he had last year....but you know, I'm no angel - even though I didn't post my trash talking - rest assured there was plenty.

Josie said...

Adam just came by and proposed a side bet - that I quickly accepted and we shook on it. Point Leader at mid year and after the regular season. He wouldn't bite for a side bet after week 1 DAMMIT!

Littleacornman said...

I read the post title and thought you meant real football with a round ball ;-)

Josie said...

LOL You know that's soccer, right?

I <3 comments from across the pond!

Josie said...

Little Acorn Man,

Know what you planted in my head? Trying to decide who is better looking....Beckham or Tom Brady? (he's an american football player) I cannot decide - both have such good qualities....Hmmmm I gotta go with Tom. Beckham looks like he works at being good looking - betcha anything that guy waxes.

Sammi said...

Oh I am ready, I love football! Bring it on. Becks is hotter then Brady but Tom does get props for the hotter wife although Posh isn't that bad either. I have to go with Becks anyway no way I can take a Patriot!

Josie said...


Becks is prettier, I'll give you that much. But if I wanted pretty I'd be checking out girls!

Hmmm that's right - you're from New York, aren't you? Please don't tell me your a Yankee fan.