Saturday, August 13, 2011

What I did last night....

I went fishing at dusk at Pranker's Pond in Saugus.

This guy talked me into it.  "Mom, you never go with me!"

And then he started catching fish.

Lots of fish.

More fish.

Most of them were big mouth bass.

Did I actually fish?  No.  I sat in the green chair and watched.

And read these books.

And took pictures of geese.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  The pond at dusk was beautiful. The fish themselves - yuck.  I like my fish on a plate.  Blackened would be a bonus.  Evan released all of his catches (thank god).

It's now  Saturday morning, I just woke up and rarely do I remember my dreams, but this dream had a guest star!  THIS BLOGGER was in my dream!  And I"ve never even met the guy.  See how he's wearing a backwards baseball cap in his profile pic on his blog?  Well in my dream he wore a hat that way through the whole thing.  Listen mister, should you get the pleasure of reliving that dream, just know that I will demand you remove your hat first!  Heh.

Have a good weekend everyone.


PS.  Someone has demanded I stop blogging about him.  (Evan not Mojo) So don't tell him about this post.  I'll stop, starting NOW.  :)


KenP said...

Didn't Mojo make a recent trip to the eastern seaboard? Gotta start wondering about all those motel rooms. Menage a tois?

Josie said...

Heh. Like I said, I've never met him.

Menage a deux?

KenP said...


That'd be feature length meets short subject?

Josie said...

Hopefully not.

Memphis MOJO said...

When I take photos, the bill of the cap gets in the way, so I turn the cap around.

Josie said...

OKay, if you end up take photos, you can leave it on. ;)

zenetik said...

Sounds like time well spent :)