Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaky Shaky

There was an Earthquake!

I work in a 10 story building in Boston.  About an hour ago the entire building started shaking.  ALOT.  At first I thought it was me but no, the office plants also seemed to be dancing to a beat.

I think the Earthquake was in Virginia.  Heff, I hope you're okay!  I guess that means there wasn't a quake in Boston, but damn I could feel it.  I'm on the seventh floor and I was thinking "oh crap, this isn't good".



KenP said...

I think you need to create a category for that post.

Mike Heffner said...

I was standing in a library when I thought a plane crashed nearby. Everyone else got a lot more excited than I did. Finally had to check the Twitter and Facebook to make sure everyone else felt it and it really was an earthquake.

Far, far too much hubbub about this. Unless you were in a high-rise, it wasn't all that. Then again, I tend to downplay a lot of this stuff, and we are 80-90 miles from the epicenter, which is in the middle of nowhere, VA.

All is good around here, but man, the slightest disturbance around DC, traffic goes to hell and all the cell networks go down from extra traffic. That doesn't bode well if anything actually major ever happens.

Gary said...

Oh my GOD Josie - I hope everyone's ok?

Wolfshead said...

Was in Chester when the chips started doing the rumba