Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Table, Foxwoods 8/19/11

Around midnight we make it to the final table.  We get a short break while combining tables which is nice as we'd been playing since 11am.  For the first time, I'm at the same table as the chip leader who has amassed a huge stack of chips.  I thought my stack was big!  I'm in the 3 seat and he's in the 5 seat and I tread very carefully and doing fine, while peeps start jamming and getting tossed from the game.  The blinds are huge, 25K-50K with 5K antes so there are lots o chips in the middle.  Guys are jamming with mediocre hands and getting called.

Fast forward a bit and we are down to 5 people.  I'm still second in chips.  I was in the 3 seat, a decent sized stack was in the 4 seat and the chip leader was in the 5 seat. I never played with the chip leader until the final table btw. Blinds were 25k-50K with 5K antes. I'm on the button with A-Q sooted and everyone folds around to me. I make a standard raise to 150K. I didn't want to go crazy because the chip leader was the BB and I hadn't been in a pot with him yet. I'd been avoiding situations that could hurt me. SB jammed all in and the BB folded. Now every fucking time I even vaguely considered calling an all in I'd get a chip count, but not this time. I glanced at his pretty big stack and instacalled, like a fucking idiot.

To my credit, there had been alot of jams at the final table with mediocre hands at best. With Ace ten, K-10 shiat like that. But regardless, there was no fucking reason on earth to risk my huge stack. All I can say is I was tired and feeling pressure. So I called and I was up against A-K. Fuck me. King was on the flop and I doubled him up.
He had a helluva lot more chips than I thought he did. The dealer was a novice who didn't speak english well. She started matching his stacks against my stacks. She brought in his stack of 5k chips and matched mine up against his. Let's say for arguments sake his stack was 5 inches high and mine was 8 inches. She took the additional 3 inches off of mine and put them in the other guys general area, like they were his. With the remaining 2 even 5k stacks, she divided them and gave one to him and one to me, like it was a split pot. Right when she gave him my extra 5K chips I said 'Hey, those were mine!" and she agreed, but she was like in a fog, not really understanding what was going on, and then the guy said they were his. I said they weren't. I had more fucking chips than him and he knew it but he started screaming and yelling. The guys in the 8 & 9 seats agreed they were his. omfg. Floor came over and asked dealer to explain it and she couldn't, so all the guys at the table yelled out their version. In the end floor woman said more men agreed with the asshole so those chips were his. I cannot tell you how upset I was at this point. upset about the needless donkey call and upset that I was getting royally screwed. I asked for ANOTHER floor person to come down but I was refused. So the guy gets MY 5k chips and then he says, now match them. you have to match all of my chips. OMFG - I just got fucked again. yep, I had to use most of my left over 25k chips to match those extra 5k chips. How I didn't cry in frustration at the table I'll never know, but I didn't.  Then a few hands later that dealer and that same guy fucked me again - at least he tried to. Again, it was my call that lead to my demise, not the dealer error and the guy's dishonesty, so it's me not him. One bad call after fucking hours of good spot on calls and reads.

So let's fast foward to the next fucking, shall we?

So 5 peeps still left and now I'm severly shortstacked. I'm trying my damnest to wait for a decent hand to jam with and not be too impatient. I know once I do, most of these guys will call me. I run out of chips - blinds 25k - 50k with a 5k ante. I'm in the BB with 45K left - 5k for the ante and 40K for my bb, which is short. The asshole is first to act and he makes it like 200K everyone folds and I'm automatically all in becuase I'm short, so I turn over my hand which is K-3 sooted. Okay. He turns over his hand - Q-10. Everyone looks at both hands - I think I have a decent chance to stay alive, and then.............................

before the flop, the dealer picks up my two exposed cards and puts them in the muck!

 "What are you doing?" I yell. I'm all in!!! She said she thought I folded. OMFG

Not the end of the world, I ask for my cards back and then World War 3 happens. The guy with all my chips starts screaming that my cards hit the muck so they're dead, he wins and I'm out! Screaming and yelling like I don't remember anyone ever screaming at me. I stay calm and say, you saw my cards, you know what they are, I want to play this out.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he screams - no fucking way - they hit the muck, blah blah blah. What an asshole. The dealer KNOWS what my cards were and it wasn't a matter of me protecting them, they were flipped over! Now every guy on the table is yelling and arguing as to whether I should get my cards back. Clock's stopped again. Floor comes over again. And 20 minutes later they allow me to play the hand.She turns over the flop and first card shown is a 10. Guy turns to me and says "That's what you get!" then she shows the other two flop cards and one of them is a king. I double up.

Still severly shortstacked I went onto play long enough for another guy to get knocked out and I slid into 4th.
But really what an asshole he was. Couldn't play poker like a gentlemen - fuck he doesn't have to be a gentleman, how about a human? I'd never do that to someone else, but that's me.
I was so pissed off when I finally got knocked out. My sister was doing the happy dance "oh you won 4k!" let's celebrate, let's take pics of your money. I WAS SEETHING.  I was too pissed off to even talk, never mind take pics because I couldn't smile!!!!!   She kept trying to cheer me up but I was just crushed.

Now no matter if Im itm or not, it takes me a bit of time to recover from being knocked out - but this. It's all I've thought about the last few days - I need to get over it and just enjoy the win I had, but it's tough.  I'm almost there now.

Oh and I won $4,177!

Play smart.



steeser said...

Wow, it sounds like Foxwoods has an incredible amount of douchebags there.

I played the 2/5 there a few weeks ago when I was visiting the East coast and that was my initial impression as well.

Congrats on the finish.

Josie said...


Yeah - Douche bag is what he was. Play it out like a man, not a pussy.

lightning36 said...

Wow -- never have I been in a b & m tourney with such d-bags. This stuff sounds more like online play where cowards can be a-holes while hiding behind their computer.

Hard to belive a dealer at a final table could be so poor. You have every right to be upset.

And the floor let all this shit go on? Amazing.

Next time definitely text me. I will feed you the proper lines to say to make the guy have a coronary right at the table!

Josie said...

I went from having the most fun all day/night, to pure misery.

SirFWALGMan said...

What aholes.

I think it's awesome that you won.. and I think it is ironic that Ace-Rag was your demise hand.. would not be too hard on yourself as you said after like ten bazillion hours of play it gets hard to focus.

Next time you can win it all!

Josie said...

Waffles, Ace Queen is not ace rag! I'm not defending my play though - it was a shitty move. I wish I could take it back.

I can't tell you how many times I did toss ace rag though.

Next time...

Memphis MOJO said...

That's a popular misconception that if your cards hit the muck, your hand it dead. Not so fast. It depends on the situation.

Sorry to hear there were so many a-holes. Glad to hear you kept your composure.

Josie said...

I had so much fun (till the final table) and learned alot too - can't beat that.

Josie said...

JT you're right and i mentioned that during all the yelling. Dealer never should have paid him off that way.

Rakewell said...


Rakewell said...

BTW, once your hand is properly tabled (i.e., face up, both cards visible, and your hand off of it), the dealer can't kill it accidentally. Those who were arguing that it was dead when she turned it face down and mucked it were just plain wrong. It always amazes me how people think they know poker rules when they actually don't.

What should happen is that the dealer, upon being alerted to her error, should touch nothing, make sure that nobody else touches anything, and call the floor. She explains the situation. Floor should ask her if she can confidently identify which cards are involved. If she just put them on top or on the edge of the muck and knows for sure which two they are, floor has her retrieve them. If not--i.e., if she stuffed them deep into the muck--then floor will ask player involved what the cards were, then ask other witnesses for confirmation. If there is no dispute about the identity of the cards, floor will fish them out of the muck. If there is a dispute, they might have to go to the security camera for confirmation. If that happens, they'll usually play out the board, then put the pot into "escrow" while figuring out who gets it.

Josie said...

Grumpy, I wish you were there when it all went down. :( First time I felt overwhelmed at a poker game.

Wolfshead said...

You mean the floor didn't go to the camera on either of these disputes? Hell, I just got done a freeroll at Chester where they held it up 20 min while they checked out a dispute on the cameras while these douches rule without checking? Wonder if I want to go now.