Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Okay so I haven't gone yet.  I'm in work in Boston but I'm leaving early! (as soon as my sister gets here) And then it's a road trip to FOXWOODS.  Anyone with balls care to join us?  Huh punk?  I'm talking to YOU.

Speaking of people with no balls, Gary has opted not to join us, although he's staking me for 1/3 of my buy-in. So for a hundred bucks, he could win nothing, a few grand, or something in between.  He's put alot of time, effort, sweat and tears into the making of my business cards, so he deserves this.  I just hope I can make it happen.  I know I can make it happen.

And let me tell you, dealing with me isn't easy.  I knew exactly what I wanted the cards to look like, but no idea how to make it a reality.  Gary would do a draft and it would be close but not exact so it was back to the drawing board again and again.  At the very end, the whole thing had to be redone one more time.  lol  It's done now though.

So why isn't he going to Foxwoods to watch his horse win the race?  I have no idea but I suspect Mrs. Gary forbade him from doing so.  I could be wrong though.  Mebbe he doesn't want an hour drive nor to play in the cash game.  Mebbe it's cuz he doesn't like my sister!  No that's not it, he leers at her giant rack whenever he gets the chance (and then calls me flat chested).  Who knows!

All I know is in five hours I am outa here!  I'm not bringing my lap top with me so tune in on Monday to read all about it.  I am bringing a small notebook and will be recording lots of details.

Play smart.



Lucki Duck said...

Good luck VJ!

Memphis MOJO said...

Tear 'em up! Show them what a blogger can do!

PokahDave said...

Play Smaht!

Josie said...

Davey, I will, I promise!