Monday, August 8, 2011

Waffles on Poker

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a very busy weekend because it Sugar Bear's 13th birthday on Saturday and guess what?  Little Acornman has the same birthday as Evan!  Happy Bday Acornman!  Acornman turned 39 yrs old on the same day Evan turned 13!  That means when Acorn was celebrating his 26th birthday I was in labor.  Anyway, separate post about Evan's awesome 13th birthday to come.

In the meantime, lets talk about Waffles on Poker.  What is that you ask?  Last week sweet, lovable, Waffles posted that if you google old chick Josie playing poker, my blog pops up.  Well I was doing some investigative retaliation work and when I googled waffles and poker an interesting youtube video popped up called Waffles on Poker and you get to watch him play 3 hands (very badly) on youtube.  The link is below.


The interesting part is Waffles narrates his play and you get to hear his inimitable Waffles voice, which I haven't heard since I met him in December and he pissed me off royally. (yes people 9 months later and I haven't forgotten.  Can you say Sicilian?)

If you click on the link you'll see him play three hands:  K-Q off suit, 2-7 off suit (Hammer) and Q-10 sooted.  He won only one of these hands.  Ironically, the only winner was the hammer but let's look at this a little closer, shall we? 

These hands were played 5 years ago.  I wonder if he'd play them differently today with 5 additional years of experience at the virtual felt.  I know I play alot differently than I did then.

First hand K-Q.  First to act folds and Waffles is 2nd to act.  He limps with his K-Q, there's one other limper behind him and the blinds are in too.  Flop is 4-10-6 and of course the Waffleman folds.  The blinds go at it as one has 4-6 and the other has middle pair on a shitty flop.  I think Waffles lost the minimum, yet I do not agree with his play.

Limping allowed him to see a cheap flop but had he raised, those blinds would never have been in the hand.  I don't think his play was terrible, as had he connected he would've had a disguised monster but I just don't like the limp.  It's wasted money.  If you're going to play a hand, play a hand.

Waffles is the BB with 2-7 and SB(Skiddoo) raises and Waffles reraises with the hammer and gets called.  Fop is X-K-7.  Waffles makes a decent bet and Skiddoo folds. Not bad!  I never would've been in the hand, facing a raise with the hammer, but it worked.

Final hand:  Waffles loses with Q-10 sooted.  I don't mind a jam with Q-10 sooted when you're short stacked but NOT into someone raising.  That's just what happened.  Lucko raised in 1st position for 3xBB and Waffles jammed all in on the button.  He thought Lucko was bluffing and he was right!  Lucko called the all in with 5-8 and hit a 5 to knock Waffles out.  Like I said, I would've never made that move into a first position raise, but Waffles made the right read, moving all his chips in with a much better hand than his opponent.  Of course it didn't work out for him - "any two cards" as they say.

It got me thinking though.  I'm a very aggressive player on the felt but there are two factors that are constant in my play, when pretty much everything else is variable.  The two constants are 'position' and 'action'.

What I mean is I may make a crazy/aggressive and/or bluffy move but when I do I'm always in position and I'm the one instigating the action.  I don't play into a raise unless I have the goods or a big enough stack to be a bully.  Otherwise it's just too dangerous and you fall into gambling and fishing.  Personally, I prefer poker.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

"and you get to hear his inimitable Waffles voice, which I haven't heard since I met him in December and he pissed me off royally. (yes people 9 months later and I haven't forgotten. Can you say Sicilian?)"

Man, oh man, I am doing everything in my power to not make a ton of comments here. lol

Josie said...

LOL Light, don't hold it in!

SirFWALGMan said...

I still have no idea what I did. I am innocent and sweet and facing the wrath of a Sicilian for no good reason.

It's nice that you agreed I played every hand correctly (except being too weak/limp in the first hand)... the second hand I won with a read and a good bluff.. the last hand I got all my chips in with an equity edge so I want to do that EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Man I am good at poker. I remember that video. It was awesome. Once the government lifts the ban I should get back to doing that some more...

Bonus on the video - It has the title Oompah Loompah!

Josie said...

Yeah, I couldn't frigging BELIEVE the video were titled Oompah Loompah - it's like they were waiting for me!