Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My baby boy turned thirteen on Saturday.  *sniffle*  I'm sure this is TMI but I'll tell you all about his weekend long celebration.  Sugar Bear went to work with me on Friday, which he loves to do.  He likes the crazy receptionist and all the cool building models on display in the office.  We were only in the office for a half day.  The plan was to go to my mom's for a quick lunch afterwards and then to Marblehead Beach for the afternoon.

Evan pondering life in work

See the Bruins towel in the distance?  After I hung that up the Bruins went on to win the Stanley Cup.  I'm just saying.

When the owner heard it was Evan's 13th birthday he said "Are you having a bar mitzvah?" lol Then he dipped into his pocket and gave Evan some birthday cash.  Evan liked that alot.  Then we had a beautiful afternoon at the beach.  Evan and his friend literally stayed in the water for three solid hours, while I worked on my oompah loompah tan.

Saturday morning, his actual birthday, was action packed from beginning to end.  We picked up three of his friends and headed to Water Country in Portsmouth NH.  It's a really cool water park with tons of slides, a wave pool, a lazy river (perfect for lazy women).  We hung out there all day, had lunch there and birthday cupcakes. 

Then it was onto Sam's Club in NH to pick up Sugar Bear's birthday present; an IPad 2. (no sales tax in nh, woot!)  After we got that we all headed over to a restaurant of Evan's choice for dinner. 

And he picked................

Good Lord......................

He picked HOOTERS.  Yeah.  I brought a bunch of adolescent boys to HOOTERS for dinner.  I must be the world's coolest mom.

Evan and his buds

Obviously I told our waitress that it was Evan's birthday.  She and a bunch of her friends came over and told Evan to stand on his chair, which he immediately did.  I've never seen that kid move so fast in my life.  Then they gave him two menus and told him to flap them like they were wings and shake his tail feather while they sang to him.  He took to it like a duck to water.  The girls were so nice and took pictures afterwards too.

Wipe that smile off your face mister!

Hooters girls rock

It was a loooong day.  We got home about 8:30pm and one friend slept over.  I personally was sound asleep by 9pm but I heard the boys stayed up until 1am.  Ahh youth.

The following day was Sunday and I had my mom and sister over for a small family birthday dinner, more presents and homemade birthday cake.  I made all of Evan's favorite things for dinner.  Garlic artichokes, homemade pizza, homemade mozzazrella sticks, calzone and salad. 

Yummy vanilla cake with fresh raspberries

So my mom is over and we're having dinner and we are trying to explain Hooters to her.  I tell her all the waitresses are young college girls and they wear short shorts and tank tops. 

She says "Ohhhh yeah, I've heard of that before.  The place is called Cougars, right?  All the girls are sexy."

"It's called HOOTERS." 

"Yeah, that's what I said.  Cougars.  I heard of that place."  I swear to you, the way she says cougars sounds an awful lot like hooters.  Jesus.  I spent 10 minutes explaining the difference between Hooters and cougars.  Why, I don't know.  I mean it's not critical that she gets her cougar and hooters girls straight is it?  No, but that didn't stop me.

"No.  HOOOOOOOOTERS.  Cougars are older women.  Hooters has young girls." 

Ugh.  She left thinking Evan went to Cougars.  lol Whatevah!

I swear I went to work on Monday just for a little rest and relaxation but that's okay, Evan's worth it.   Besides, his Mama's birthday is right around the corner.  :) 



PokahDave said...

funny stuff Josie...

Josie said...

Thank ya Davey! I am to amuse!

KenP said...

UR such a goooood mommy.

Josie said...

I'm good at other things too. ;)

Memphis MOJO said...

Good story. He's a good looking boy.

I'm sure this is TMI but I'll tell you all about his weekend

No prob. A mother who loves her some is okay in my book.

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo - You're always so sweet. xoxo

Lucki Duck said...

I've never been to Hooters. My birthday is in October. Do you think you could adopt me by then?

Josie said...

Ducky Honey, You've got to live! Although the girls there are soooooo darn young - I doubt half of them are even 21 yrs old. We're talking YOUNG college girls.

If I may, I suggest Cougars for YOUR birthday.

bdog said...

The poll results are in and.... Yes, you are the coolest mom on the planet. Also, love the facebook t shirt.
(Evan's mom has got it goin on...)

Josie said...

lol thanks bdog!