Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pocket Kings?

Pocket Kings burning in effigy

Ever hear of Pocket Kings?  If you're like me you haven't.  I'm not talking about the hand pocket kings; I'm talking about Pocket Kings Ltd.  This blog has been getting alot of hits from Dublin Ireland and I noticed the thingy said "Pocket Kings Ltd."  Oooo an Irish blog, I thought.  Except it wasn't.

Pocket Kings Ltd is..........................OMFG

It's Full Tilt Poker's headquarters!  Are you effing kidding me?  FTP, the site that is holding my poker bankroll hostage has been reading MY blog.  Have they read the post entitled FULL TILT POKER SUCKS?  I frigging hope so!

I truly believe that they can find away to pay off little peons like me who thought a secure account was, in fact, a secure account.

I am sooo tempted to click on their little box that says "contact us" just so I can contact them with my fist words.  I'm sure it's not the right place to secure a withdrawal though. 

I'd give you a link to them, but they don't frigging deserve it!

On the other hand.....if there are some nice Pocket King FTP people reading this, get in touch with me!  There's an easy way to stop me from writing bad, but totally true, things about your company.  Have Howard Lederer take a little drive to Boston and open his trunk for me like he did for Todd Brunson.

That'd be a start.

Play smart.  To all my European readers, that means NOT on Full Tilt Poker.



SirFWALGMan said...

Just one factual corrections I believe are true:

Europeans have been locked out since Alderany revoked FT license, so European players are not playing on FT.

From a business perspective I would think paying you as a small fish off before some bigger players would be a bad move. You generate like 2 cents for them and some bigtime grinder generates thousands... so they would probably get paid off first. Obviously it would be good for you.

The trunk idea sounds good though. LOL. I wonder how many of his friends Howard has paid off.

Josie said...


You're right about no FTP in Europe now but wrong on the rest.

I've generated a HELLUVA lot more than two cents for those bastards. And another thing, if they have 20K it's better to pay off ten of us than one big fish. The money ten of us little ones would generate for them would be the same as one biggie.

And another thing! wtf does this have to do with business perspectives? This is about legal rights, not business - they're out of that now baby.


Bayne_S said...

If they are paying off by rake generated I move up in line.

But I would still be way behind the poker for a living dudes that are cranking in rake at $2/hand or even $1/hand heads up

Josie said...

Yeah Bayne, but they SHOULDN'T be paying off by rake generated. where the fuck did that come from?