Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everything BUT poker

I think the visit from the potential client went pretty well yesterday.  The owner gave these (4) guys a tour of the office but they spent most of the time in the studios where the magic happens.  They barely broke their stride as Moe pointed vaguely toward my office (and smiling face) and said "That's finance".  Ugh, all that cleaning for nothing!  Of course if I hadn't cleaned, I'm sure they would've stayed for a thorough inspection.

Funny thing is the owner is an older gent and ALWAYS wears a tie, but yesterday.....  The office was uber clean and organized with fresh floral arrangements (I'll get back to the 'floral arrangement' in a minute) and a fancy lunch set up in the conference room.  And there was the owner in his starched shirt and suit and with his tie off.  Seeing him without his tie when everything else was all dolled up just seemed wrong.  I mentioned that 'perhaps they didn't mean literally with your tie off'.  He smiled and agreed but wasn't taking any chances.  He really wants to design a museum, which we haven't done in years.  Even the crazy receptionist was "uncrazy" and downright subdued yesterday.

Recent work has been courthouses, schools, synagogues, libraries but not museums.  It's funny because once you do a particular project, like a courthouse, then you'll get awarded more courthouses, but it's tough to get that first one.  So of course we want the work, but we also want to set a precidence that "we do museums".

Anyway, back to the floral arrangements.....

We have this fancy schmancy Japanese artist/florist who does our arrangements and we always have a big arrangement of hers in the reception area.  She was called in at the last minute for this client visit and we all couldn't wait to see what she'd do.  In the past her arrangements have been piles of stones, lumps of moss, a load of birch logs (which someone later took home to burn).

This time she had an arrangement of 3 HUGE bamboo sticks - each probably 8 feet long and 10 inches in diameter.  2 standing up and one just laying there on the table, and somehow with an orchid placed in the middle.  It's WEIRD.  I especially don't like the log just laying there on the table like it's waiting for someone to come along and put it in its place, but what do I know?  I'm not an artist, I'm a money person.  And lemme tell ya - 3 bamboo logs and an orchid should NOT cost $250.  This much, I know.

Tomorrow is Evan's last day of school and Mama's leaving work early to celebrate.  I told him I'd take him out for ice cream when I got home, to which he replied "Oh Sue already told me she'd take me out for ice cream on the last day and she's picking me up in her convertible".

Well fine!  I'm still leaving early though.  We'll do something fun afterwards.

Sue's the neighbor whose dog bit my ass a while ago.  Just the other day when I was getting home from work she was outside with her baby dog who was barking viciously at me.  Sue was telling me how he was just 'being friendly' and looking for attention.  I replied that he was looking for another bite of Italian ass, is more like it. When he wouldn't stop barking, I looked him in the eye and yelled "I'm still mad at you for biting me!" Then I proceeded to bark back at him (honest to god) and he shut right up, with a look of shock on his face.  Heh.  There's no more need to pretend I like him, so perhaps that bite was worth it.




Grant Silverstone said...

I could come in, make some 'art' out of popsicle sticks, ping-pong balls, cocktail umbrellas, and gym socks, and charge waaaay less than $250.

And somebody could take it home and burn it later, too.

Just sayin

Josie said...

Grant baby! Hope work is going well, now that you're stuck in an office too.

I'd much prefer your art, but I think you should use a coffee can filled with hundys and some coconut coffee creamer containers. :)

PokahDave said...

Roll up a newspaper and slap the bark right outta that dog's bite! Give him a whack right on the nose. btw I'm dying to play a live tourney.....

Josie said...

Dave, I'm dying to too! Hoy is playing in a big tourney in Foxwoods on Saturday - $600 buyin. If I didn't have commitments....and then next weekend I'm camping. I better play some poker soon or else!

Oh and I'd rather hit the dog with a rolled up AK-47 but I suppose I could start with a newspaper.