Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bank of America Can Kiss My Big Italian ____

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See the debit advice above? The notice said they were debiting my account $30 but I had no idea why.  It says something debiting my account $330.03 instead of $300.33.  WTF?  I thought the $30 was some sort of service charge but I KNEW I wasn't overdrawn.

Instead of trying to call Bank of America, I figured I'd go down to the branch where I opened my account to get this straightened out.   It's not too far from work so at lunch I went down.  I showed it to the teller who looked up my account and there was no record of $300.33 or $330.33, yet she kept telling me I deposited a check for one of those amounts and I knew I hadn't deposited any checks.  Only my paycheck goes here and it's direct deposit and certainly more than $300.33.  She just couldn't figure it out so she called the manager over.  The manager spent a while with the teller and then told me to go to his office.

There he brought up my account and he and I went through all of the activity for June in my checking account and these numbers were just not there and he couldn't tell me why I was charged $30.  He said he had to call the office in Texas.  He called them which took about 15 minutes and they told him to call another office, I think in Minnesota.  They couldn't figure it out either and suggested another phone number to call.

At this  point I'd been at the bank for about an hour and I have a 30 minute lunch.  (I get to take a half hour lunch and leave a half hour early)  I told the manager I was on lunch and had to leave.  I asked him if he could he please just waive this $30 as he could see there was no reason for it.

Answer?  No.  He said he couldn't credit my account until he figured out why I was charged.  Really?  In that instant I went from polite and patient to pissed off.  "You mean you're taking $30 of my money without knowing why?  So if you don't figure this out, I don't get my money?"  He said he'd figure it out.  I left him my office number and went to take the debit advice above and he said he wanted to keep it.

Really bitch?  I don't think so.  I told him I was unsatisfied with the service they gave their customers and he apologized but it wasn't really him.  It's the enormous amount of red tape and bull shit such a large bank comes with.

So I get back to my office and he calls and says I cashed a petty cash check last week.  Oh yeah!  Somehow I'd forgotten that.  They kept telling me I'd deposited a check and I knew I hadn't but I did cash a petty cash check for the office and it was for $300.33.  Then he told me the teller gave me $330.33 and that's why they debited my account $30; to take it back.

Huh?  I ALWAYS count the petty cash at the window when I get it and I got the right amount.  He said it SAID the cashier gave me $330.  I told him I'd count the petty cash and call him back.  If it was in there then fine, even though I knew it wasn't.

Of course there was no extra $30 in the petty cash box.  I called him back and told him and there was radio silence on the other end.  I told him they had NO RIGHT to debit my account and I was pissed.  I want my money back.  It's not the $30 it's the principle.  Could they not have called me instead of just taking my fucking money and sending me advice in the mail after the fact?

In the end, he said I'd see my money in 2-4 business days.  Biatch. 

I don't know if I'm over reacting but I think I'm going to close my account.  I just don't like the service they provide their customers.  Had I not wasted an hour and a half of my life, those rich gangsters asses would've gotten money for nothing.  I HATE paying any sort of banking fees, it's like throwing money out the window, and this was even worse if you ask me.

Either that or I'm over reacting.  I dunno.



Mr Mojo Risin said...

I don't think you're over reacting at all. That's just plain fucked up on their part. Glad they finally agreed to credit the money back. Send them a bill now for $30 to cover the time you wasted on this!

KenP said...

We have one locally owned bank in our area and several smaller regional ones. Solvency has gotten to many but your bank is too big to fail. Anyway, I wouldn't use them, Citi, etc

But, guess who ended up with my mortgage. And, who again screwed up the escrow. My payment often fluctuates by over $200. And, I have gotten large refunds from the county when they overpaid again without my remembering to stop them from making the full payment twice a year. Then I'll tell you about how hard/long/annoying/postal it was getting the insurance money on a claim that was sent to them.

Sucker!!!!! Find a local bank where decision are also made locally and who you can stare at and menace.

If that doesn't work you could hire Waffles to stand out front and rant about them. Don't pay him for his custom rants though; they're the same as his everyday ones.

Josie said...

Mojo, I know!

Ken, my plan is to open a checking account at Danvers Bank, which has a branch in Saugus.

DuggleBogey said...

I bank at BoA as well, but I'm considering leaving them entirely because of things like this along with their other public behavior lately. Very shady.

A close friend of mine deposited $5000 in cash, verified the cash was in his account at the branch, then wired the $5000 to his father in California. The next day he got a notice that his account was overdrawn and they were charging him a fee.

Turns out the teller had written the account number on the cash deposit so sloppily that at the end of the day the deposit slip couldn't be reconciled and they REMOVED THE DEPOSIT BACK OUT OF HIS ACCOUNT. No phone call, no nothing.

They screwed up my escrow on my mortgage re-finance too, but they cleared it up and sent me money in only 4 months. Glad to get my mortgage out of there.

The Poker Meister said...

Sorry, but "Bank error in your favor." If they decide to mistakenly give you $30 additional, they have no proof of doing such a deed. Therefore, "Bank error in your favor." PERIOD. Done.

Josie said...

Duggle, yeah their customer service is crap. I chose them because of their abundance of atms at my disposal with a fee. Plus checking is "free" if you use direct deposit, but I'm done.

Poker Meister, the bank error was NOT in my favor. I didn't get the extra $30 yet they deducted it. I always count cash before I leave the window!!!!

The Poker Meister said...

No - I mean that they have no right to deduct $30 regardless if they screwed up. If they have a paper trail / proof that they screwed up, fine. But in this instance, they supposedly gave you cash which you have no record of taking. Therefore, bank error in your favor. Screw the bank.

SirFWALGMan said...

Bank of America sucks! Viva le Resistence!

HighOnPoker said...

All these banking institutions (particularly the big ones) are the same. They are a bunch of incompetents or crooks. Either way, close your account.

The Neophyte said...

I would avoid Bank of America and Citibank along with JP Morgan/Chase every chance I get. All they are interested in is getting more money to cover the shit loans they have to eat. Did you hear about the BoA branch that got foreclosed on down here in Florida? I'll tell ya about it sometime. Basically just about all of the really big banks are looking to get as many fees as possible, and take as few losses as they can get away with. I'm sure some teller came up 30 bucks short and they looked back at the transactions and figured they could get the cash out of you. Glad you didn't let em get away with it.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

You're not overreacting. Those rat bastards have consumers by the balls. Unfortunately, you'll never get back all the time you had to waste to straighten that crap out. Sucks.