Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Cool Baseball Photo

Teddy and Jim Ed - Clicky on photo for awesomeness

As I mentioned previously, Jim Rice is my favorite Red Sox player.  He's driving the golf cart above and his passenger is none other than the late Ted Kennedy.  This picture was taken on Opening Day at Fenway in April 2009.  It's one of my all time favorite photos.  Ted threw out the first pitch at Fenway that day and Jim was his catcher, standing only a few feet from the mound.  Just another magical experience at Fenway.

Official photo of him throwing out the first pitch - he certainly looks less frail in this one.

As a baseball player Jim Rice must have signed thousands and thousands of photos but when he signed the one of the two of them, he asked for a copy for himself.  Ironic to see the baseball hall of famer become a fan when it's a photo of an icon (Ted Kennedy).

As I'm sure you know, Ted passed away (4) months later in August.  I often wondered if throwing out that first pitch was something he did for himself - part of a bucket list, or for us - Red Sox/Kennedy fans.

It humbles me to think about it and not much really humbles me.  :)



KenP said...

It humbles me to think about it and not much really humbles me.

No! you sure fooled all of us. I guess that rules out your joining The Sisters of Humility.

Josie said...

Honey, how could I be humble? I'm too awesome!

KenP said...

Listen carefully!

Put down the Kool-aid.

Step back.

Don't drive for 24 hours.

You may wish to spend that time watching the cute, pink bunnies hop around. Avoid the ones with machine guns.

Josie said...

LOL You are a funny tall man.

Kevin Fajri said...

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