Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

Man oh man, did I go a good ball game last night!  Awesome!  The Red Sox annihilated the Padres 14-5.  What a fun night, except the game lasted over 3 1/2 hrs so it was a late night.  I met up with my good old friend Brian at our favorite sausage stand.  I've probably seen Brian once in like the last 6 months, but we've been friends for shit, probably 20 years, and whenever I see him it's like old times.  We've done alot of autograph hunting and spring training trips in the past.

When I met up with him, he was carrying a few things that he wanted autographed "just in case" the opportunity arrived.  He had a photo of himself and Dave Roberts that he was hoping to get signed.  I was like why do  you have THAT pic with you?  He gave me a look of disgust and said "Don't you know The Padres are here tonight?"


Dave Roberts is the guy (if you agree with Brian) that was responsible for the red sox winning the world series in 2004. What?  You thought it was Big Papi, or Curt Shilling or that silly Manny Ramirez?  Nope!

Dave Roberts was the guy who stole second in game 4 (when the sox were down 3 games to zip) to keep the game going, which they eventually won. 

Anyhoo, Dave Roberts is now The Padres 1st base coach!  Brian's real plan was to stake out The Padres hotel in order to get this photo signed, but brought it to the game just in case......

Just in case Dave would be nice enough to sign before the game.  I got there early, but Brian, not so much.  Plus he had my ticket on him, which he never even gave me btw.  He said something like "if you don't pay for your ticket, you don't get it".  Biatch!  I bought the guy a frigging sausage!  That's some sort of payment, right?

Keep in mind that Harry the sausage guy LOVES me.  When I told Harry that I was paying, the whole tab for both of us was $5!  LOL  I'm just wild about Harry, although I'm not wild about sausages.  yuck!  When we finally got into the park, it was about 6:30, which is normally to late to get autographs, but Dave was at the visitor dugout signing away.  There weren't event too many people vying for a signature so I suspect he'd been there quite a while.  Anyway just as we got near the front Dave says "that's it guys, no more.  I gotta go."  Doh!  I started my "Josie Wailing" and yelled "Dave just this photo!  Dave!!! Dave!!!" and he was "Alright.....just one more...." and signed the picture.  Woot!  Of course I'm INSTANTLY jealous that I got him to come over and sign, but didn't get an autograph.  So I tell Brian to give me my ticket - I'll have Dave sign that...and that's when he said that I couldn't have it unless I paid for it.  Bastard!  Not that Dave was doing anymore signing, but I"m sure I could've talked him into just one more.

Okay - the game itself was awesome too.  Miller - a new pitcher, pitched a fine game going 6 innings with 6 strikeouts but when he left they were tied 3-3.  Then all hell broke loose!  Damn, the next inning the sox were up it seemed like Walk, walk, walk, hity by pitch, hit by pitch, hit, walk, hit, walk, double.....you get the idea.

Because it wasn't a save situation they didn't use Papelbon to close the game.  Instead a guy who's been in the farm system for quite a while, Tommy Hottovy, pitched the last inning and believe it or not, I have a photo here in work of me and Tommy Hottovy from Spring training Florida a couple of years ago.

Josie and the closer from last night, Tommy Hottovy!

Oh and THEN, they honored my ALL TIME FAVORITE red sox player, who was also at the game.  #14 Jim Rice!!!!  I've been a fan of his since I was like 10 yrs old -

Jim and Josie sitting in a tree.... (blurry photo taken by Brian)

Um, he looked a little older last night, but then again, I'm sure I did too.  Okay, work calls.  My firm has been shortlisted for the renovation of a library in a musuem and the potential clients, who are very impressed with us so far, are coming to tour the office today "to see you with your tie off" is what they said to the owner.  So of course the office has been spit shined and we are hoping to impress.  We do lots of libraries but not museums so we REALLY want to do this project.  Everyone, cross your fingers and toes.  Ugh, I'm dressed up ,while half asleep because of the late night last night.




Littleacornman said...

"To see you with your tie off".Aghh I hate corporate phrases like that.Hope it went well though.

Now about sausages.How can you not like them?!! In Scotland we like to fry 'em,cover 'em in batter and serve 'em with chips ( fries) as a sausage supper.Not very healthy but it hits the spot!

Memphis MOJO said...

It's ridiculous that it took 15 tries for Rice to get in the HOF.

Josie said...

Acorny, They seem like mystery meat to me, plus my mum used to serve them for dinner when I was small and they grossed me out when I had to eat them. I've never seen deep fried ones though! I have had pickles that way - covered in batter and fried...

Mojo, I know!