Monday, June 20, 2011

Guess what I did this weekend?

More importantly, guess what I didn't do?  I didn't play poker.  Boo!  I woke up Saturday morning with the house to myself as the kiddo was at a sleep over.  I thought "Ahhh too bad I can't play a nice deep stack tourney on FT.  Ugh.  Instead I made a pot of coffee and watched "Swamp People".

Ever see that show?

I'm not a big fan of animals, as you may already know (see archives for my raccoon and dog troubles) nor am I a fan of guns (polar opposite baby) and I especially dislike hunting,  but man I love that show.  Yes, the show is about crocodile hunters down in the bayou, and they shoot them with guns up close and personal (yuck) but the show's appeal is bigger than that.

I just like watching the people.  Seeing people that have lived their lives on the swamp is just so dang interesting to me.  I love the way they talk, their culture and their work ethic.  My fave hunter is Troy.  Perhaps because he looks and sounds like one of the guys at my poker table - which is funny, considering the guy at my poker table is as italian  Go figure.

Anyway, back to the subject of the first paragraph...I WANT TO PLAY POKER!  And I want to play NOW!  But that ain't gonna happen because it's 8:30am on Monday morning and I am heading into a management meeting.  It's funny though - years of reading people at the poker table def pays off at meetings like the one I'm about to attend.  I find myself looking at someone before they speak and knowing what they're going to say based on their demeanor.  Seriously.  Anyone else ever notice that happen to them?

Oh and I'm going to another Red Sox game tonight.  A new guy named Miller is pitching and the weather is nice, so it should be a great night.  Of course it ain't poker playing, but it'll do.

Okay duty calls so I have to fly.

Play smart.



KenP said...

Swamp People? ROFL

Well not that much of a reach for someone who's reality revolves around reality tv.

ROFL Stop! Stop! I need to catch my breath.

Lucki Duck said...

I grew up around the "swamp people." Although I lived in SE Texas, I spent a lot of time in SW Louisiana, and can tell you it's a fascinating culture. The cajun people are a fun bunch, but very clickish. First impressions are everything with them. You're either "in or out" almost immediately, and there's no middle ground.

You would most definitely be an "in"!

BTW, make sure the BoSox win by at least two, so I can cash my bet. :)

PokahDave said...

If you have trouble with raccoons then watch 'Mob Wives'. One of them is taking out the raccoon with a paintball machine gun...funny stuff. I have to thank the wife for watching such stellar cable shows...

Josie said...

Dave, Evan was shooting one with his pellet gun and he just got a paintball gun a couple weeks ago. I'll keep your idea in mind. :)

KenP said...

Paint ball gun, huh?

Looks like Evan is still getting payoff for that mean mom incident. :)

Josie said...

Ken, wrong! Here's what happened....

Evan and I went to Dick's because they had a small pellet gun that he wanted to get (with his own money that he saved) but when we got there the gun wasn't quite what he wanted, but there were paintball guns that he could afford - and he goes paintballing iwth friends a couple times a year at a farm, blah, blah, blah and in the end, I allowed him to buy it with his own money, but I paid for an extra 500 paintballs.

In hindsight not the best idea because I have "paint" all over my fence and shed in the backyard. It's not REALLY paint, and it's washable, but it's oily, gross and he even got some on my lounge chair! HUGE NO-NO!

Bayne_S said...

After I got back from poker trip once I had to interview a guy for a hardware job where I worked. was left with impression throughout interview he was bluffing.

At post interview meeting I said that could not explain why but I thought dude was bluffing through whole interview.

We did not hire him but everyone else had decided he probably had enhanced his role in all the tasks on resume.

Josie said...

Bayne, exactly! I find myself doing that too - not sure why I don't trust someone, other than their "bluffing" demeanor.

Rakewell said...

You know what would have been a great name for this blog?

"The Outlaw Josie Wails"

Josie said...

Grumpy, I'll have YOU wailing next time I see you! Of course that's gonna be a while. :(