Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess who played a lil poker?

It was Evan's first weekend of summer vacation and I planned on us having lots of fun this weekend, but the weather didn't really cooperate.  At least not until yesterday afternoon and even then it was still cloudy, although it had stopped raining.

I happened to overhear Evan and my sistah talking and he talked her into sleeping over!  Poor sistah!  This meant she slept in his bunk beds and although they always start in separate beds, she always wakes to find him with her in the tiny bunk.  She woke up this particular morning (early) to Evan clapping loudly by her ear; a bad boy looking for attention (like you guys!).  I figured since she was sleeping over ANYWAY, I'd pop off to the Seabrook Poker Room to do my thang.  When I told Evan my plan, he hooted and cheered about the fact that I was going out.  Hmpffff......

When I got there late registration was still going on for current tourney so I jumped in, only to find that there were only 18 runners.  I was looking for a bigger tourney than that but beggars can't be choosers.

My plan was to play conservatively during the first hour, but it was not to be.  In that first hour I got A-A and raised 4 times the BB $400).  I got 2 callers and the flop was 9-4-2. I bet 1,000 which was more than half the pot and got one caller so we were heads up.  Turn was another 9.  He checked and so I did too, just in case. River was a 10.  This time he bet another 1,000 which looked like a big value call to me.  Did he have a 9 or maybe he had like J-J and thought he was the winner.  I was hoping it was J-J but thought it was prolly a nine.  I called saying I think you have me and I flipped over my A-A.  He showed A-9 and scooped the pot.

I went into the break with less than half my starting chips, which really sucked.  I decided I'd take my headphones off and just be really aware of everything!  I decided first opportunity I was going to double up and I knew that when I jammed I'd get action.  And I did.

I got 9-9 and jammed, then next guy to act jammed all in over the top with a big stack which got everyone else to fold.   I was up against 8-8.  Awesome!  I doubled up.  A few hands later the guy to act before me raised 4times and I jammed all in with A-J sooted.  I didn't think he'd call but he did.  And funny enough, he had  8-8 as well, so we were racing.  The flop had an ace in it and I doubled up AGAIN.

I went into the final table with a decent stack but with only 18 runners, only 3 peeps were ITM.  Played for another hour there, picked my spots and stole blind after blind.  One guy kept telling me he was "gunning" for me and he'd get me.  What an ass but whatever.  In the end, he was right.  He slow played A-A while I was in the big blind. I had Q-6 and the flop was 6-4-3.  I decided he wasn't doing any calling with a 6-4-3 so I jammed all in.  He instacalled with his A-A and they held up.  I was out 6th and pissed off at myself for walking into the trap.  One bad move is all it takes in a tourney.

Ironically enough, when it was down to 4 people (with 3 in the money) a nice guy at the table asked if they could take money off of first and second to pay the bubbly guy $100.  Everyone agreed EXCEPT Mr. I'mGunning4U and Mr. Gun was the bubble! Karma baby!

I decided to play the game I hate - 2-4 limit holdem in order to get my tourney buy in back.  I hate the game because it's a donkfest.  Every person plays every hand to the river hoping to catch something and the betting isn't big enough to get someone off their draw.  Anyway, as penance for my bad tourney ending, I decided I'd sit there and play selectively (polar opposite of everyone else) and wait for opportunities.  Soon enough I was up about $60 and the buy in was $70 so I was close.  Once I was up $60 I staying around there ($60-$80 up) for over an hour, not really making anything big but not losing any hands either.  Finally I hit a few flops that paid off for me, and when all was said and done, I turned my $60 stack into $224.  I'd been up to about $240 but decided to walk away with the $224.  I could leave ahead $94 for the night, which ain't gonna buy me anything major but it's better than a loss.

$70 buying + $60 for cash game = $130 out of pocket.  $224 total winnings - $130= $94.  Hmmm make that $84 because I gave Evan $10 when I got home.

It's time for a Foxwoods trip.  I want to play in a big tourney there like Hoy did on Saturday.  I wonder how he did!

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

2-4 Limit? Sheesh -- talk about donkey poker.

Josie said...

It sucked Lightning! I hate it but it was profitable. Gotta do something to pay for my tourney buy in! Girl's gotta eat.

PokahDave said...

I'm going up there in about 2 weeks. I'll leave a comment before I go....

Josie said...

Yay! I will DEF meet you there! And we'll make oodles of cash while having fun.

Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry you didn't ca$h in the tournament, but good day after all.

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo!