Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warning - Danger

I am in such a bitchy mood.  Shocker huh?  I figure if I bitch and moan here, I'll get it out of my system so here goes.  Warning - you may want to stop reading right now.

Let's start with what I did last night.  Even though I was dog tired, I went to the movies with my baby boy.  I'd promised him that I'd take him to an R rated movie.  Why?  Because all his friends are allowed to see them and the poor boy is least according to him.  And yeah, I've heard his friends teasing him because they've seen movies that he can't and yeah he's 13 yrs old, yada, yada, yada.

So we went to see The Hangover 2.

I'd seen The Hangover and it certainly had suggestive parts but there was no real nudity (except for the photos at the end) and I'd read Hoyazo's review of Hangover 2, which said it was a carbon copy of the first movie, so what the heck.

And it was a carbon copy!  As much as I enjoyed the first movie, this was TOO much of a carbon copy.  Groom almost missed his wedding, crazy brother drugged them, they wake up and someone is missing....I mean, sheesh, be a little creative.  Nonetheless, I was enjoying the movie until.......

Now I knew there was a possibility he'd see nudity, and by nudity I mean breasts.  It's an R-rated movie for God's sake, it's not rated X, but what he saw was much worse.  And then, I had to explain to him what he was seeing because he had lots of questions.  After I answered his questions I said "We will never speak of this again".

Evan got to see a she-male.  Nude.  Full frontal.

"Mom, how can that girl have a penis?"

"Well I guess, she's both a guy and a girl..." I said evasively.

"But how could she get a penis if she wasn't born with it?"

"My guess is she was born with it.  I think that's she was born male and then got implants" (dear God, make this stop)

"But she looks like a woman, not a man!".

"Well, sometimes a guy wants to be a woman, so he'll get breast implants but he'll also take female hormones that will make him look more like a woman".

"Why would a guy want breast implants? So he could see them whenever he wants?"

"No......I think he feels female, so he wants to LOOK like a woman." 

"But why...."

I don't remember Hoy mentioning anything about the she-male prostitute in his movie review so really, I blame him.  lol Just kidding, although I do kinda blame him for my bad mood.

I read his post about Full Jilt losing their license and how he was right about them stiffing all of their customers.  I'd already resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't be getting my hard earned money from Full Tilt but reading it again just brought all the anger up.  I wanted my FT dollars to go to Vegas and I feel so robbed and betrayed!  Yes, it's my own damn fault for believing my FT account was secure so don't bother telling me that.

Hoy was right, as usual.  And then I read on other posts how Hoy should be more modest when he's right and I'm like, what the fuck?  WHY should he be more modest?  WHY shouldn't he be himself?  Too many fucking people tell too many fucking people what they should do and what they should write and the funny part is those judgemental people could use a little help in that department themselves.  I've been told in the past that I'm not modest enough.  I've also been reprimanded plenty of times about what I've written on my own blog.  I just don't get it.

So anyway, because I went to the movies, I :

A.)  Overslept this morning
B.)  Left my purse on the front hall bench instead of in my bag
C.) I was late for work.

I got to the bus stop when I realized that I didn't have my bus pass, my wallet or my keys.  I explain the situation to the bus driver and he's a total ass.  He says and I quote "You're not supposed to do that."

I just stared at him.  And he stared right back.

Then I told him that I HAD to get to work, and I could show him my monthly pass tomorrow.  He finally relents but gives me a look that says I'm pond scum and I'm looking for a free ride.  Then I get to work 35 minutes late and my boss is in extra early!  I told him I'd been in at 7:10am  for the past 3 days and he's like "yeah right.  you were late today, you could've been late all week". (I'm shooting him dirty looks as I type this)  I think he knew I wasn't thrilled with his response because an hour ago he stopped by and asked "You still like it here don't you?"

And I do.  I just have to get out of this bitchy mood.



Bayne_S said...

I will just have to keep my distance today.

Josie said...

Scaredy cat! :P

DuggleBogey said...

My only comment on Hoy being a douche is that he's wrong way more often than he's right. When's he's right he gloats like crazy and when he's wrong he makes up really lame excuses to claim that somehow he's really right when he's obviously completely wrong.

He just lives alone in this clueless little world of his.

Josie said...


I don't mind the gloating when he's right but I had NO IDEA that he's wrong more often than right. I thought he was like uber smart.

Littleacornman said...

"Why would a guy want breast implants? So he could see them whenever he wants?"

WP,NH Evan! GG childhood ;-)

Josie said...

LOL Noooooooo!!!!!!

jamyhawk said...

Oh my. That movie was definitely a scary one to make his first R movie.

Hell, most adults saw a she-male naked for the first time and was shocked out of their mind after seeing that movie. I had to call my therapist...


Josie said...

LOL Jamy, I may have to call a therapist too!

lightning36 said...

Considering how many times you tried to tell me that you were intelligent ...

Josie said...

Light, I don't remember "telling you" I was intelligent, I mean, why state the obvious?