Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Look who won The Very Josie

Winner!  Gary a/k/a The Hebrew Hammer

We had 10 players in The Very Josie tonight.  Woot, that means a 2 table!!!  My boy Pokah Dave, remember when he used to play good?  Well last night he was out first.  Booo...  CemFredMd, aka Chippy was out next.  And guess who was out third.  Yup, me.  Frigging Wolfie did it to me again.  (Heh, he wishes!)  I had pocket 7s vs his QQ.  Flop was like 9 high and he checked it.  Tricky Wolfie...anyway I threw good money after bad and boom.  I dunno why I never believe that Wolfie has a hand.  I may just have to start respecting his play.  Funny thing is, QQ ended up being his demise, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

At least I made it to the final table I suppose.....

Bammer played so well all night just to bubble.  Oh well, that's poker.

I had a ball as always.  When I got home tonight I was so tired, I decided to sleep for an hour, but it didn't work out.  I was up all night with my bad knee.  :(  It hurts most when I lay down.  Oh the cruelty of it.  If only I could sleep standing up.  At around 4am, I was actually considering it.  I could pack for Vegas with the bags under my eyes.  Worst part is, I started drinking coffee at 9pm in an attempt to stay awake.  Didn't help at the time, but now it's 11:30pm and it seems to have kicked in.  :(

So Gary has won a Very Josie t-shirt, which he will pick up Thursday night at my home game.  If he allows it, I'll post a picture of him wearing what all the cool kids are wearing.

I owed krack ur nuts a tshirt from last month and I am finally getting around to mailing it.  As I told him, I gave his t-shirt a spray of my favorite perfume, so he'll have scent di VJ (no jokes please) all the way in The Netherlands.  He is soooo darn nice.  I like me a guy who'll stay up till 4am and be nothing but pleasant.  Trust me, you don't wanna see me at 4am.

So what else?  Hmmmm I keep overplaying middle pairs.  That's what knocked me out of The Very Josie tonight.  If I do NOTHING else, I will plug that hole in Vegas.  No more.  If I don't connect with the flop I fold.  That's my promise to me.  I will report honestly on how many times I break that promise.  I plan on taking notes daily, although my laptop is staying home.  You'll have to wait till I come home.

Hmmmm what else? 

Ohhhh guess who friended me TODAY on Facebook?  Remember my story about Birdie, the older woman who was like a mentor when I was 23yrs old?  Her!  Haven't heard from her or seen her almost 20 years!  And she says I haven't changed a bit.  Nice of her to say, but I only wish I looked the same.  Damn I was hot back then. 

True story:  I was always a sun worshiper, even back then and so was every day at lunchtime in the summer we'd walk down to the waterfront and lay out.  Every day.  Then guys from the office started casually showing up too....what a coincidence, I thought.  Till Birdie told me that it wasn't a coincidence.  They were showing up for the show.  Back then, it was quite a show. 

She doesn't have any pics of herself on facebook, so I can't see her now....but I'm thinking she's in her mid 60's.  Wonder what "cool" looks like at 65.  Good stuff.

Nature is calling and then bed.  I'm kind of afraid to lay down....worried it's gonna hurt at much as last night.  Boooooooooooo.  Only thing that helps is salt caramels.  Wish I had some...

Play smart.  6 days till Vegas.



Wolfshead said...

Too bad, I just opened a fresh box of them.

Josie said...

He who eats alone, chokes alone. Although I hope you don't. :)

lightning36 said...

Wolfshead -- The perfect solution: Bring them to Las vegas where just you and I can enjoy them.

Yes -- there is almost always a good answer for everything!

Josie said...

Yeah share them with Lightning - I'll get his fo sho!