Saturday, December 25, 2010

And to all, a good night

Happy Holidays!

I just woke up from a 2 hour coma nap.  I hope your holiday was filled with love and presents.  Speaking of presents, behold the modified controller!

Yes, it lights up.

The new controller is the only present Evan took a picture of, but he also got a microscope, Grand Theft Auto, Northface Jacket, Criss Angel magice set, one of those hoodies with earbuds in the hood, Myth Busters Air Pressure thingy, and God knows what else.  What he didn't get was the game Mafia Wars because there is NUDITY in the video game.  Hell, I could just buy him a Playboy Magazine and save about $40.  And if you think like Evan, NO, there's no way he's getting a Playboy Magazine either. :P

Were I a philosopher, I should write a philosophy of toys, showing that nothing else in life need to be taken seriously, and that Christmas Day in the company of children is one of the few occasions on which men become entirely alive. ~Robert Lynd

Here are some more random Christmas photos:

Made by Josie - double chocolate butter cookies

I made the cupcakes too.

My sister doesn't bake so she bought these.

At Nana's house on Christmas Eve

I made these for the office.  
Most were gone before I thought to take a picture.

Speaking of the office....check out the photo below.
Moe and Jim - the owners of the firm

Moe is on the left and he is Jewish, and Jim is on the right (yep catholic).  Anyway, as a joke, one of the architects gave this board to Moe.  Actual gift was about 3ft x 4ft.  Obv Moe wouldn't be caught dead in a reindeer sweater (thank you photoshop) but he got a good laugh about and went home with a back ache. He had pulled something earlier that morning and was in alot of pain.

He's 78 yrs old and works about 55 hrs a week because he absolutely loves what he does.  The fact that Very Josie is in his office is just an added bonus.  Anyway, he's one of those scholarly gentlemen (harvard educated) from years gone by.  He is elegance personified, but swears like a sailor - my kind of guy.

So he says he's going home because he doesn't feel well and is gonna lie flat - the only way to be out of pain.  Meanwhile the marketing project development department is having a meeting about our holiday greeting card, and guess what?  Their pitch is we should use the reindeer sweater photo.  It's funny and would definitely be remembered by our clients.  Jim is on board but calls Moe to let him know of the decision.

Now keep in mind the firm is divided by what they call "the bookends".  Moe is in charge of the financial book end (of which I am a major part) and Jim is in charge of marketing project development bookend. (of which I have NO part)

So anyway, Jim calls him and says "Since I'm in charge of marketing I made the decision to use the reindeer sweater image and emailed it to clients, colleagues etc."  (He hadn't at this point but wanted to gauge Moe's reaction.)

Moe freaked out.

He hung up the phone, got out of bed, hobbled into work, limped into Jim's office and screamed "I AM NOT A JOKE and yet you sent this out so that I could be the brunt of your joke?"

It was a baaaad scene.  This was when Jim said "I was kidding.  We didn't send it out yet, but can we?"

Let's just say the image on the holiday card was that of a building.  The Dover Sherborn Middle School to be exact.

Poor Moe.

Roses are reddish. Violets are bluish
If it weren't for Christmas, We'd all be Jewish.
~Benny Hill

Merry Christmas!


PS - for a Jewish guy Moe really knows how to do Christmas.  He makes sure he thinks of EVERYONE during the holiday season and I mean EVERYONE.  Yes he gives tax free money holiday gifts to his staff (yay me!)  But what else does he do?  He makes large donations to food pantrys, children's causes and his newest cause this year is K.I.N.D.  Kids in need of desks.  A charity that provides desks for kids in Malawi. (according to Moe, NOTHING is more important than education)  And just to be sure he misses NO ONE.  He gets 3K worth of hundred dollar bills and passes them out.  To the office cleaners, the building guys, the lady who gives him coffee, the guys who make his lunch, EVERYONE he has any encounter with.  He's a regular ole St. Nick.



Wolfshead said...

Party pooper. Give the kid the game, or at least the Playboy. Hell, he's gotta grow up sometime. Hey how much damage could it do, after all he's got you as a mother. If he ain't screwed up by now ain't nothing gonna phase him.

Merry Christmas.

Josie said...

My thought is that he has the rest of his life to be grown up and looking at nude women, yet he's only gonna be a kid for a few more years.

Merry Christmas Wolfie - When do you go to Disney? And didja buy an extra ticket for Moi?

Wolfshead said...

Probably not going until the summer. Trip is going to piss her mothyer off enough, she ain't gonna let me pull her from school. Don't know who we are taking yet, trips are based on 4 people and so far only us two

Josie said...

I'm sure you're thinking of bringing your brother and nephew, but fuck that. What's Patrick gonna do for you! If you brought ME, I could spend your money, eat your caramels, and other stuff too. :)

Wolfshead said...

Hell, Patrick can spend my money and eat the salt caramels as well as anyone. Not even going to discuss "other stuff". As for who is going hell everyone had their trip with Vegas. Disney is the kid's, and Patrick has a lot of wood to chop to convince her he's worth bringing.

Josie said...

Take me. I'll take care of that wood. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Gary said...

How'd you get that picture with James Caan?

Josie said...

lol You think he looks like James Caan? That's an insult to James!

JT88Keys said...

So the graphic violence of Grand Theft Auto is okay, but nudity isn't? You know that in at least the last three versions of Grand Theft Auto you can pick up hookers and screw them in your car as well as have four or five different girlfriends who you take back to their place and go in for "coffee" complete with moaning and encouraging screams.

lightning36 said...

Sheesh -- more of this Wolfshead/Josie crap. Good thing I haven't eaten yet today.

Josie said...

JT - Whaaaat?????? I knew about the violence but not that other stuff!!!!

Mom: "Evan is it true that you can pick up hookers in grand theft auto?"

Evan (with huge grin): "Yes, but I haven't done that. Maybe I'll do that tonight though."


Wolfshead said...

Hey, at least I didn't lose back to back H2H matches with her

Besides she should be taking to the daughter, not me