Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow, a Ho and a Show

Snow Storm in Gloucester MA

The lovely photo above was taken by one of the architects I work with.  He designed and lives in that beautiful house, which is right on the ocean's edge.  And the house is even cooler inside.  It's is a susstainable zero energy house.  That means it doesn't use any energy from fossil fuels and the like.  Solar powered baby!

Also Gloucester 12/27/10 (Snow)

So I showed you the snow.  Natch, I am the Ho, and now for the show..............

Tonight at 9pm ET on Full Tilt Poker.......It's my Heads Up Challenge against HeffMike!  It's going to be AWESOME.  Let's do a little recap on the HU challenges, shall we?

First, Lightning was up.  Two matches and he was down for the count.  Kicked his ass in record time, then we went on to chat for an hour or so.

Second, Waffles.  Aloooooot of matches and they were all a struggle, but in the end I prevailed and got me some Waffles money.  Let's just say the chat was not as nice as Lightning's.

Tonight it's Heff.  He's a decent player but I'm on a roll baby!  Besides I played Heffy heads up once before - may have been the mookie or the very josie (best private tourney on full tilt.  come and play!)  Anyway, he was tough during the MTT but heads up, it was ALL me.  I went from shortstacked to winnah in about 5 hands.  At least that's the way I remember it.  :)

Come watch the carnage on full tilt and cheer me onto victory.  Just look for veryjosie on fulltilt.

In other news - football.  I lost last week but picked up points.  Next week is the last week of the regular season so whoever is in first after next week gets the grand prize.  It's been me for the last 3 years - hopefully soon to be 4 years.

This is the email the football commish sent out:

so, the down-to-the-wire finish for first place overall standing comes down to josie and ed ... we'll see if ed can close the 10pt gap in week 17, or if josie can add on more to win bragging rights until next season with a bigger bang!!! thanks to everyone for an exciting online season...

I already have the lead by 10 points.  All I have to do is not mess up.  My usual MO is to do something extra special, which makes me lose, so I'm just gonna do the same ole same ole with my picks and hope for the best.

Heff, I hope you have lots of money to lose!

Play smart.


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