Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Guess what happened!

The Waffles heads up challenge was a success - except of course for Waffles.  I took a bunch of screenshots but I'm too lazy to use them.  How bout I give you a quick recap.

Game one - I win very quickly.

Game 2, waffles wins very quickly.

That's pretty much how it went for quite a while.  About mid way through he was up a game, then good playing over came luck and I won, then I won again, then I won again!

I ended up with a bunch of Waffles money.  He bluffs way more often than he should and really sucks at poker but  I'll give him this.  He was up a bunch of games and kept on playing till I was up.


Gotta love ace rag

River suck out - this happened more than once

I thought my straight was good.  Boo!


Fave hand baby.  Believe it or not, Waffles CALLED my all in with that crap. 

Now if you read Waffles post I am sure there will be whining and reason afer reason why he lost his money to a girl.  Bottom line I played better and won more.  All the rest is just fodder.  I know it, you know it and he knows it, but I suppose he has to say SOMETHING, right?

Next victim opponent is Heffmike.  Heffy, Lightning has donated, Waffles has donated too, although it took a bit longer and was much more aggravating.  You will be the hat trick.

So Heff....Play smart.  (unlike Lightning and Waffles)



Anonymous said...

When you get done with all the riff-raff you just let me know.

Nice playing.

Oh and G says hello.

Josie said...


Ahhh I want the rest of the story.

Heffmike said...

Sure, let's go Wed at 9 - usual VJ tourney time.

We can play as long as you want up to Mookie time.

Wolfshead said...

Someone better give us the true recap. According to you you crushed Waffles. According to Waffles he had to keep giving you rematches until you finally won.

Josie said...

Heff, sounds like a plan.

Wolfie, We did keep playing till I was up.

SirFWALGMan said...

Josie nailed me at the end winning 5 in a row to end the night up by 3. I was ahead until then. :(.

The hand with 85 vs TJ is a standard call you should make every time if you have 2400ish chips and your opponent has 300. There really is no reason not to make that call.