Thursday, December 23, 2010

11 things I can do without in 2011

Never Very rarely do I link a blog of a person I really don't know, but there is something beautiful about this blog, which happens to be called SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.  The photographs are beautiful, as is the prose, but that's not why it's being featured here.

One post is called 11 Things.  More specifically, 11 things that I can do without in 2011.  Such an intriguing thought for me that had me wondering all morning, "What 11 things can I do without in the new year?"  My mind has wandered a gamit of different types of things I really could do without.  So in no particular order....

1.  Many pairs of my earrings.  I cannot go into a store without coming out with a new pair.  Solid gold, real diamonds or cheap shit, I want them all.  I could easily give up 11 pairs and still have many many more in the rotation.

2.  Single earrings that have lost their mate.  Poor, poor earrings with no mate.  They clutter up my jewelry boxes and bins, yet they are too pretty to toss out.

3.  Half of my poker books.  I probably own about 10 and I'd say at most 5 of them have any real value.  The ones I'd toss are mostly gifts and not worth the paper they were printed on.

4. People that disappoint me.  I find most people fit into 2 categories; those that amaze me and those that disappoint me.  I sometimes wonder which category I'd put myself in, and although I fear it may be the latter, it is time to dump the disappointments.  It gets tough when the same person oscillates between both categories.

5. Crap my sister has given my son.  This would include a broken clock made from a section of tree trunk. (yes it was broken when she gave it to him) and old key chains, credit cards and all sorts of cheap plastic toys that litter my house.  She likes to bring him "something" when she sees him.  12 years of "something" certainly adds up.

6.  Candy.  Sugar Bear doesn't have a big sweet tooth.  Someone (like my sister) will give him candy, or he'll buy it, then he'll have a piece, maybe 2 and it'll sit there.  "DO NOT throw that out."  he'll say if he catches me in the act, so we keep it a sufficient amount of time, so that I can say "It's too old to eat" and then we toss it.  Right now I still have halloween candy waiting to be old enough to get tossed.

7.  Old Christmas presents from my mother.  These include a big furry bathrobe covered in teddy bears that I've never worn and a punch bowl set (yes a fucking punch bowl set) that I've never used.  She tried to get me a snuggie 2 years ago, but she called in the order and it got messed up.  Karma baby.

8.  Something I'd LOVE to get rid of but can't afford to replace is my bed - hard, lumpy and squeaky.  Believe it or not, the bed at the IP was a huge luxury for me.  Sad, right?

9.  Dust.  I really need to dust more but I don't.

10.  Books - not all of them, or even the majority, but I have too many.  Stacked everywhere.  Filling the basement, the hall, my bedroom.  If one is the perfect read for someone I know I'll happily give it away, but that is few and far between so it seems they are taking over.  It reminds me of when I moved into my first house and had a dishwasher for the first time.  I ran out of the proper detergent and decided to use Palmolive instead and then I walked away.  When I returned there were suds knee deep everywhere.  Like that, pretty soon the books are going to take over.  I don't use the library even though I should.  For me there is nothing better than perusing a book store, treating myself to a good read and falling right into the book.

11.  Sadness - Sometimes I get sad.  And since I can't think of anything else literal to toss it would be lovely to toss sadness out on its ass.




lightning36 said...

Uh ... I trust that I fit into #4 as one of the people who amaze you. Remember: "lightning is a really great friend, but ..." lol

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Ha! I, too, hang on to the "orphan" earrings. I'm an optimist... perhaps the match will show up when I least expect it. Or I can be a pessimist... as soon as I throw the orphan out, the match will mysteriously show up and I'll be pissed.

Happy Holidays, Josie dear! Here's to an amazing 2011!

Josie said...

Lightning you're amazing. Don't ever forget that.

Merry Christmas Linda - I know you hate the holiday, but the upside is time with your beautiful grandchildren.

Wolfshead said...

Reading no. 6 I guess no more salt caramels for you. As for tghe earrings got any good studs? I only need singles. As for people who disappoint you I'll try not to. You can always count on me to bust your horns and not be disappointed.

Merry Christmas.

Josie said...

Wolfie caramels are candy I LIKE, so they won't be sitting around long - and I may have some studs - I will look for you. You are one of the amazing ones. Merry Christmas! Have fun in Disney!

NT said...

Thanks for the kind words, Josie, and Merry Christmas!

Memphis MOJO said...

Books...I have too many. Stacked everywhere. Filling the basement, the hall, my bedroom.

Thing e-book reader. I bought a Kindle for $139 and love it.

Josie said...

Merry Christmas Mojo!

I dunno about the kindle though. I really like books - not sold on one yet. My friend keeps telling me to get a nook because she has one and we'd be able to share books. We'll see.

Memphis MOJO said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Cricket said...

11 things I have to say about this post.

1.Very nice post.
2.You amaze me all the time.
3.We FOUND the clock while trashpicking. Memories!
4.I love the orphan earings and hope for the someday too OR that someday I will craft something amazing out of them!
5.FOUND! One person who would love and appreciate a big furry bathrobe!
6.Awwww sad when you're sad.
7.Love any of the books you give me!
8.Sugarbear hasn't gotten a regular sur,sur, for a while :)
9.oooh! hard to think of 11 comments!
10.Dissapointing people and dust belong in the same category!
11.Oh yes! Send the Halloween candy sista's way!

Josie said...

Awww your the best sista ever!