Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josie's Garden

The two mammoth tomato plants are the two big bushes in the middle.  They're kind of hard to see because there's a high ivy wall behind all of the plants.  There's basil and cilantro in the pots.

Waiting for them to ripen.

The tall plants to the left and right of the little girl are sunflowers.  They're about 5 ft tall but no flowers yet.  :(

Shrimp colored impatients

Wild flowers from seeds

Petunias and allysum

boatload of impatients

Mmmm tomatoes

Mmmmm basilico! (basil)

These are cantaloupe plants.  If you clicky on the picky you'll see all the stumps where some animal has been munching.

Grrrrr all my cantaloupe flowers are getting eaten!

More chewed up plants

These are chewed up tomato plants.  I think they're too far gone to produce fruit but we'll see.

This is the row of tomato plants in trouble.

Pretty petunias

Medium sized tomato plants that are doing pretty well.

Again, medium sized tomato plants

The ONLY raccoon I want to see.


bastinptc said...

The flowering plant in the top part of your "Wildflowers planted from seed" photo are nasturtiums. Like a little spice? Sure you do! Both the flowers and leaves are edible and have a little horseradish taste.

Josie said...

Bastin, Ooooo I had no idea but I shall try the leaves, which are plentiful. ty!

lightning36 said...

Adding gardening among your many talents ...

Josie said...

Aww thanks lightning. xoxo