Friday, July 8, 2011

Where do I start?

It's 1pm on Friday and I'm home, having just woken up.  I got home about 5:30am with a headache and a purse FULL of cash.  :) 

Our two hour ride to Foxwoods took a little over four hours because Sister and I made a few stops along the way.  I was late for the deep stack event but jumped in anyway. 

I did NOT cash in the tourney.  I lasted about 3 hours and went out with pocket aces.  Prior to that I was doing great.  I lost a big chunk of my stack with Q/Q when the flop was 9 high.  My opponent, who was wearing sunglasses, hit trips and I paid him at every street.  Grrrr... He was one of those young aggressive kids and I could feel his eyes watching my every move.  BTW  I ended up taking Ken's advice, no sunglasses and a very low cut top. It worked like a charm! I did keep the sunglasses perched on my head like a tiara, just in case I needed them, but I didn't.

So after I busted out of the tourney I headed over to the cash game to get my $180 buy in back.  I sat down at the 1-2 NL game with $200.  All I needed to do was double the stack in front of me to be back to even.  BTW don'tcha hate sitting down at a game, knowing you're already down and you have to win just to get back to even?  Ugh.

First table I sat down at was AWESOME.  I played VERY selectively and when I did play I was very aggressive.  I won the first 2 pots I played and showed my awesome cards.  Then I stole a pot from a sweet young kid who was sitting to my left.  I made him fold his top pair weak kicker, which he folded face up.  I being my kind self, opted not to show him my jack high bluff, instead it hit the muck.  He kept asking me what I had so I lied to him and said 2 pair.  His response was "I knew it!".  He was a pretty good player though and there were a few guys at the table who weren't so I focused on them.  One guy chased ANYTHING to the river so I made him pay me off time and again.  Within the first hour I had a decent stack in front of me.  Carm and the boys came by looking for me.  They'd just played BINGO and it hadn't gone well.  There was empty seat at my table so I gestured for Carm to join us.  She did and pulled out her trusty $20 bill which made the dealer do a double take.  "You have to sit down with at least $60 in front of you" he said.  She was shocked and said she was leaving, much to the displeasure of the table.  I told her all she had to do was PUT the $60 on the table, she didn't have to GAMBLE it all, but she was out of there and headed for 2-4L which has a $20 min (alhtough how you can play that game with only $20 is beyond me) The sweet young boy next to me was asking her to stay, asking all sorts of questions about where we were from.  She watched me play for a while and watched the chips pile up. 

Our table shut down because we were down to only 3 peeps, so I got moved to a new table.  There was a nice older Asian lady with ginormous boobs and a decent stack of chips in front of her.  She kept telling me "you do this for your job you make good money".  I told her that this wasn't my job but she didn't believe me.  I hit a big pot early on with my trusty Jack Ten.  The flop was J-rag-rag and I checked.  Guy bets $40 and I call.  Turn is an 8.  I check and he bets $80 and I instacall.  River is a blank and I check into him again.  He thinks for a long time while fingering his chips.  He wanted to buy the pot but looked like he couldn't bear to throw more chips in.  He finally settles on a bet of $150.  I KNOW I'm good.  I just knew he had shit from the look on his face so I instacall and say "I call, what do you have?"  He turns red and says he has a busted draw and doesn't even show.  I kindly show him my lovely jack ten and scoop a big pot.

I had a good size stack now and limp in with 10-8 spades.  guy raises to $16 and I pay to look at a flop.  Flop is 9-7 spades and a rag. Open ended straight flush draw!  He bets $40 and I call.  Ace of spades on the turn gives me a flush.  He goes all in and I call with my flush.  He never showed what he had but he was seething.  I've felted him so he stands up points to me and starts YELLING "You're a terrble player! You'll lose all those chips, you'll never keep them.  How do you make that call?"

Then another guy at the table says "She has all your chips and you're calling her a bad player?"

He kept yelling a bit more as he walked away.  Was I supposed to fold in a cash game with that hand and with my massive chip stack in front of me?  I don't think so.

After playing for a few hours the table's like a family home game.  The old asia woman is showing pics of her hot daughter to the table and the young guys are begging for a fix up.

Let me tell you about a couple of hands that I lost, both of which happen to be pocket pairs.  I had pocket 10s and was considering how big my preflop raise would be when the quiet boy to my left raised to $25 so I called.  Flop was 9 high.  He bet $50 and I raise to $150 and he goes all in.  Fuck!  I know my 10s are beat and I just threw away $150.  I fold face up and ask him if it was a good lay down.  He had K-K. 

I told the dealer I'd tip him big if he'd give me AA.  About a half hour later I get AA and raise to $30 preflop and get 3 callers.  Flop was J rag rag with 2 crubs.  I bet big and he called.  Crub on the turn and I bet big again and he calls.  Fuck.  River is ANOTHER club.  There are 4 on the board and my aces are both red.  I check and he checks behind me.  He flipped over 10clubs and 9 diamonds for a flush on the river.  I showed my AA.  Doh!  My sister kept telling me that 'she knew I was beat' and didn't understand why I kept betting.  I had to protect my hand though.  In the end I lost $200 with AA.  As the dealer was cleaning up the muck he murmurs "You did say you'd tip me for A-A..."  LOL I threw him a $5 chip.

Then I won hand, after hand, after hand.  Gigs and Michael were back at their room waiting for us at the La Quinta and my sister wanted to leave so I won a few more hands while she watched in wonderment and then we left to every moaning "Don't leave!!!!"  I didn't wanna - it was like free money for the taking there, but I guess I'd won enough.

I won ALOT.  More than I'd ever won in a cash game in my life.  I'd won my tourney buy in back plus so much more.  When I cashed out I needed (3) trays to carry my chips away.  The funny thing is when I started with my $200 I sat down with three green chips and five red birds with a hundy bill tucked underneath.  When I cashed out I realized I'd never had to touch the hundy OR those 3 green chips.  How crazy is that?  I'd set them aside and there they were.

Next time (and there's gonna be a next time VERY SOON) I'm getting a room.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Hmmm ... looks like the cash game good luck is spreading. Congrats!

SirFWALGMan said...

I am sure the cute young boy will appreciate you getting a room. :). Nice job!

bastinptc said...

Congrats on the run.

PokahDave said...

Good report. Last time I went to play the deepstack I doubled up my 180 at the 1-2 NL tables right before. Can't wait to go back!!! I also agree with Ken that a low cut top with cleavage is way more distracting than anything else...

Josie said...

Thanks guys. My sister kept asking me why I even bother with the tourneys, but I want another shot at it.

Waffles the room was so I could stay longer!

Low cut top def worked and like I said I never wore the sunglasses.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job.

"You're a terrble player!

Guys like him are dopes. You called $40 to win his whole stack when you were better than 50-50 to hit either the straight or the flush.

The Neophyte said...

Very well done Josie, what a nice run. Next time get the room & enjoy the hell out of it.

KenP said...

Waffles stole my line. She's seldom the straight man and Waffles stole my line. Bad Waffles. I think that was redundant.

Nice job kid. But, don't get cocky!

jamyhawk said...

Congrats. Awesome run.