Monday, July 11, 2011

Sick Bay

Um, I broke my toe being stupid, running around the house and running smack into a chair leg.  Frigging killed when it happened but it's okay now.  I mean it still hurts when I forget and use it too much but it's taped and I'm dealing with it just fine.

Sugar Bear not quite as good.  Remember he got sick during the camping trip?  Well he's been sick ever since.  Fever off and on for a week and alot of congestion and coughing but he doesn't really have a cold.  I wanted to take him to the doctor over the weekend but they were closed so first thing this morning I called and got him squeezed in.  The doctor checked him out and told me he was worried it was pneumonia so we needed to get to Children's Hospital for a chest xray to confirm it.  And yep, a couple of hours later it was confirmed that he does indeed have pneumonia.  His friend from across the street also has pneumonia so I wasn't surprised.  He's on antibiotics now and already seems to have a bit more energy. 

So I, who NEVER take time off, had Thursday afternoon off, Friday off and now Monday off.  Crazy!  Plus I'm already contemplating my next two trips to Foxwoods, not to mention spending a week in Maine at the end of July.  I have a ton of vacation days saved up and I think I'll be using them for a change.

Speaking of Foxwoods people...check your calendars!  There's a BIG TOURNAMENT THINGY going on in Mid August.  Anyone with balls wanna play?  It's called the Megastack Challenge.  Click on BIG TOURNAMENT THINGY for the schedule - I'm not sure which game I'll be playing but I'm leaning toward the August 17th $230 buy in that has a guaranteed prize pool of 30K.  But you know, I'm flexible. 

Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

I'm not sure which game I'll be playing but I'm leaning toward the August 17th $230 buy in that has a guaranteed prize pool of 30K.

Her son is on death's bed and she's planning her next tournament!

Josie said...

Mojo, he'll be fine by August...knock on wood.

Gary said...

flexible...ooh my god...

Memphis MOJO said...

Just kidding, obviously.

KenP said...

Anyone will balls wanna play?

I see teaching my writing formula via osmosis is starting to pay off.

Mojo -- the professional editor -- is our great friend. Otherwise, one of his little trips would be to Jason Bourne da bot of us.

In closing, let me say I don't think you'll encounter balls playing. Up just a scosch. And the lawyer ones from NY will definitely have sun glasses on.

Josie said...

Ken, but I LIKE encountering balls. :P

KenP said...


Josie said...

Nope. Low hanging fruit.