Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping, The Best Laid Plans....

We had a wonderful time camping in New Hampshire but things just did not go smoothly.  "The best laid plans of mice and men" and all that.

For starters it took us about 4 hours to make the 1 1/2 hour trek.  I dunno why.  All I can tell you is I have no sense of direction but my sister is usually great at directions, so I blame her.  It was fun though - kinda like Thelma and Louise on a road trip, with lots of coffee.

The worst thing that happened is Sugar Bear got sick.  Really sick.  This is the type of kid who will not lay down or even sit still when he's sick, but he was like a dead man walking and for alot of the time decided to just lay in the tent and be sick.  I kept hearing "Mama, can you lay down with me?"  Poor baby.  This is a kid who would never dream of taking a nap - or going to bed before 11pm when camping yet he napped every day and went to be last night at 7:30 pm.  Today he has a fever and the shivers.  Booo!  And because he has some bug bites, he's convinced he has West Nile.  FML

I have some pics to show you, so I'll let them do the talking.  You'll see that I'm wearing an American Flag patterned do-rag, that Evan told me I 'must' wear.  After the second day of wearing the do-rag my sista started calling me "Shabby Pirate" just because I bring my oldest clothes for camping.  I called her what I usually do, "Biatch".  lol jk, she was in a long a long dress, long scarves and a kerchief on her head so we started calling her gypsy.  Especially when the sun went down and she was sitting by the campfire.

Okay please enjoy some pictures, although my phone died after the first day so there isn't much.  The picture below are of Evan fishing for crawfish and frogs on a dam at Beaver Hollow

Yes he caught a crawfish in there!

We went down to the beach at night to light off some fireworks and got eaten alive by the bugs

Beach at the campground

Lots of dragon flys

They loved my bag

My sister Cricket, holding a dragon fly!

Cool, huh?

Evan made a mini fire ring and that's what he's pointing to

See?  Mini fire ring!

Not so mini fire ring

Back to the mini one, plus a picture of my foot!  lol

Celebrating America's birthday!

The best part of the camping trip was when Evan and I went out on the lake in single man kayaks.  The lake is very still so unlike a river, there's no momentum to ride on and take advantage of.  Evan and I went pretty far out to an isolated side of the lake where it was all wild life and absolutely gorgeous.  I didn't take my camera phone with me unfortunately.  In this far isolated area the lake is very deep and there's no beach edge it just goes right up to like the forest edge and there are tons of water lillies to get stuck on.  This is not a place to tip over or get in trouble.  Unlike a river, you can't just stand up so as Evan went deeper into the water lillies I started getting nervous.  And then we saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL Great Blue Heron fly to our area and land right in front of us.  Majestic is the word to best describe him.  He stayed for a few minutes and when he left his giant blue wings spread out wide and the two of us were dumb struck.  Wow.  And then Evan went deeper into the lillies and up against the side of forest.  And then he started to lean over which was making him tip a  bit.  Fuck!!!!  I started yelling at him to come back here now, but it took him a few minutes to break free.  I was watching close by but didn't want to get my kayak stuck too.  Ugh.  He got out and paddled back to me as I was yelling at him to NEVER do that again.  We were about a half mile away from the camp and that was dangerous!

And then he handed me a beautiful yellow lily and said "But I wanted to get this for you."  Poor thing is sooo sick.  I hope it's not West Nile!

Oh and no poker was played while camping.  Booo!!! The closest I came was playing solitare.  *sniff*



SirFWALGMan said...

Hope he feels better.. Like the Biker Momma look on you. :P.

Josie said...

Thanks Waffles! It may be my new "poker uniform". Intimidating, right? :P

lightning36 said...

Put a little underarm hair on the biker mama and you are in business. Uhh ... assuming that the hair isn't already there ...

Josie said...

Lightning, I shaved right before I hit the road because um, my sister mentioned that I REALLY needed to. :P