Friday, July 22, 2011

Try not to miss me too much

Guess what I'm doing?  If you played the you tube video you'd enjoy a nice acoustic performance and you'd have a big clue on what I'm doing because the beginning lyrics of the song are...

Josie's on a vacation far away
Come around and talk it over
So many things that I want to say
You know I like my girls a little bit older....

Yep, I'm working a half day today and then vacation starts tomorrow!  I will be in at lakeside cottage for a week with no internet access (oh the horror!) or TV.  So far all I've packed is wine, tequila, a shit load of books and bug spray.  There will be about a dozen kids playing with drunk Auntie Josie all week.  I can hear it now: "Ma, Auntie fell off the dock..."  I do not plan on spending this vacation sober. (I'm already planning on leaving a day early for another Foxwoods hit & run)

See ya in a week.



lightning36 said...

Wow -- seems like you are always on vacation or traveling somewhere ... : o P

Have fun, stranger.

Josie said...

Correct sir! I have alot of vacay time saved up and I'm using this summer for family fun and um.....POKER.

OES said...

when u going to foxwoods? I will be there the 29th!

Josie said...

I'm thinking like the 18th 19thish, when the big tournaments are going on. Go early College Boy!