Saturday, May 21, 2011


Our receptionist is on vacation this week which means the reception desk is largly unmanned, although I stop by there in the afternoon to see if the mail is in....really to see if there are any checks in the mail. 

I was sitting at the reception desk and the owner is walking by the desk and asks me if Matt is in the South Studio. 


Our office is divided into two studios: The North Studio and The South Studio with reception smack in the middle.  I have zero sense of direction so even though I've been there almost seven years, I have to stop and think about it.  "Which one is the South Studio again?"  The South Studio is the studio on the South side of the building but I have NO CLUE which side that might be.  Even as I type this I'm only about 80% sure I know which studio is which.

The South Studio (or um, the North)

Couple that with the fact that in the past three months we've hired about nine new employees, which is alot for our small firm.  We've gone from a cozy 22-23 employees working on reduce hours to 32 employees working full time.  And as great as that is, I find it hard to remember all the new people's names. 

So keeping all this in mind, let's get back to the owner's question. 

Old, tired, 77 yr old man:  "Is Matt in the South Studio?"

Me:  "Ummm, hmmmm......yes, I'm pretty sure he's there."

And off he goes to the South Studio in search of....Matt.  After he left I start thinking "Hmmmm Matt...which one is Matt?"  I go through the new employees in the South Studio in my mind....Josh, Jason, Jonathan, Yujin, Madeleine.  No Matt!  New employees in North Studio:  Scott, Isaac, Erik, Tom.....

OMFG We don't have a new guy named Matt!  Yet I told him Matt was in the South Studio!

I peek over into the South Studio and the old owner is very animated and chatting with new guy Jason.  I guess he found who he was looking for.  He's closing in on 80 yrs old, so he's excused.  Me however, I have no excuse.  Ugh, that's what I get for sitting at reception.

Our fiscal year ends May 31st and I usually arrange for a New Year party every year.  This year, next Monday is Memorial Day which means our little New Year party is going to have to be next week!  And I have nothing in stone yet.  I have an idea, but it has to be approved by the owner and it's looking a little pricier than we usually spend.

My idea is to have a barbeque party catered in the office.  I already have the caterer and the menu, but not the final approval so the caterer is driving me nuts trying to get it finalized but as the owner's been out of town we've gotten nowhere.  One way or another I'll get him to approve it on Monday.

In Office BBQ Menu:

Grilled steak tips with plum something or other sauce
BBQ'd chicken legs, wings, thighs and breast
Potato Salad
Corn and red pepper something or other
Garden Salad, rolls
Watermelon wedges
Chocolate chip cookies *
Mike's Hard Lemonade

*Or we could have individual ice creams like Hoodsies (perhaps just a Boston term?) or ice cream bars in lieu of cookies for a more bbq feel.

Also, we'll have checkered table cloths and kitschy things like that.  Cute right?  Plus it's the beginning of the BBQ season so no one's sick of it yet.

I wonder if Matt will attend.  ;)



KenP said...

Why are you always picking on older gentlemen? You are discriminatory. I protest.



Josie said...


Are you telling me your a gentleman or is it just Matthew?

KenP said...

I forget.