Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I played poker in Foxwoods!  Um and I sucked.  :(  I played (2) $80 tourneys and didn't cash in either.  My only saving grace was that the 2nd tourney was a bounty so if you knocked someone out you got a $25 chip.  I got 3 of those, so the latter game didn't cost me much.....but still.

This was the first time playing poker there and I certainly felt like a new kid on the block.  Each tourney had about 60 peeps and it seemed that there were 6-8 college kids that were tight and most likely playing together.  Oh and they knew the names of every dealer and pit boss so this wasn't their first rodeo.  One was sitting at my table, dripping with gold chains and with oversized shades, an oversized watch and and an oversized ego. I'd been watching his play for a quite a while and when I got 9-9 I got into a hand with him.  I raised it up to 4x the blind and he called.  Flop was 2-3-7.  Bing! I bet 1,800 and he jammed all in for 1,600 more.  As soon as he did it I knew he had a bigger over pair.  I KNEW it.  I said "I know you have pocket jacks or queens but I'm priced in..." then I continued to ponder it.  I decide that he has Jacks FOR SURE.....and even though I'm a  big advocate of "pot odds doesn't turn a losing hand into a winning hand"  I finally mutter "I call, now show me your jacks."  He flips over his jacks and says "And I thought you were a tourist.  You're really on your game."  I double him up.

This was after I knocked out a very bad player.  At the beginning of a tourney is when the bad players are still in the game!  It's like shooting fish in a barrel!  I got alot of this bad players chips when I flopped trips.  He was on tilt and the very next hand I flop trips AGAIN. There were 2 hearts on a queen high flop so I jam all in with my trips.  He thinks about it for a while and calls with A-K!  Called my all in with ace high!  Obv my trips held up. 

Later on, I lost half my stack when one of the college boys jams all in on my big blind.  I had A-K and I called his all in.  He flipped over 10-8 and hit an 8.  Ugh.  I can't stress enough how fast these games were.  Antes started before the first break and before the 2nd break the antes were 200 and the blinds were 600/1,200.  It ended up being an all in fest because there were so many chips in play before the flop.

It was definitely a good time but fuck, I hate losing!

Staying over Gary's house was a trip.  He has 2 cats and one of them looks EXACTLY like this:


I was sleeping on their sofa and Toots gave me a quilt.  Well they went off to bed and Rusty was going nuts for the quilt!  It was like 2am and he wanted the quilt, but didn't want to get to close to me, so he kept pacing and sniffing.  Keep in mind I'd just been bitten by my neighbor's dog so even though I love cats, this one didn't know me and I started thinking he'd attack.  He didn't though.  He only looks intimidating.

When before they went to bed Gary mentioned that he had an alarm clock and not to wake him up before it went off.  Okay......except I was awake at like 7am.  No matter how much coughing and throat clearing I did, there was no sign of life before 10am.  Sheesh man, the day's half over by then!

We met up with Lynne, who did NOT teach me craps.  When I met her at like noon, she was at the bar drowning her sorrows in beer.  She said she lost her shirt at the craps table.  Ugh.

Hmmm in other news my sistah just came back from a trip to Italy!  She went to Rome and Florence.  Nice huh?  She brought me back the MOST BEAUTIFUL leather lambskin I Medici handbag.  It's like butter, except it smells like leather!  It's awesome! 

In a couple of weeks my aunt and uncle are having a 50th anniversary party and since I have NOTHING appropriate to wear, I just ordered this dress online:

What do you think?

It won't be that short on me, as the girl in the pic is probably a foot taller than me.  I never very rarely buy clothes online so I have no idea if this will look good on me or how it'll fit.  Keep your fingers crossed that it fits in the butt area.  Of course if it doesn't, I can always get frigging Neighbor Sue's dog to nip a few inches off.  

To be on the safe side, I am continuing the walking/hiking.  I missed today though.  :(  I did do alot of walking in Foxwoods and I wore my Shapeups! 

Play smart,



lightning36 said...

Some people can actually buy clothes online and have them fit. My son does pretty well in this.

A Josie-Gary road trip sounds fun. Mebbe I need to fly out and school you guys on the finer points of road tripping and tournament play.

Josie said...

I feel less and less optimistic about the dress fitting.

Lightning, it was a total blast, except for the losing part and um, spilling gary's gross purple drink in his wife's clean car. Doh! I was like Oh shit, she'll never let me do this again.

SirFWALGMan said...

perhaps you should take lessons from the cat. :P.

HighOnPoker said...

You broke HighOnPoker's #1 Rule of Poker: "When you are behind, Fold!"

From your post:
"I decide that he has Jacks FOR SURE...I finally mutter "I call, now show me your jacks." He flips over his jacks..."

If you know he has Jacks, then why call with Nines. It's such an obvious fold. You aren't alone in this. That's why the rule exists. But if/when you know you are definitely behind, that's a good time to FOLD!!!!

Josie said...

Jordan, I KNOW! Yet it wasn't much more to call. And it was evident that he knew exactly what he was doing. Folding's the hardest part of this effing game for me.

Waffles, Lessons from the cat? How to hump an old quilt?